Modern Quilting – Local East Bay Resources

We met last night (9/28/2010) @ Royal Ground Coffee in Berkeley.  Lots of fun things to see and hear.

For instance, did you know this?  Whatever you fabric you have the most of in your quilt becomes your neutral.  Credit Stacy for that one!

Also, many newer (modern) quilters are seeking new terminology to express their devotion to the craft.  According to Pepper Cory’s recent article about the Modern Quilt Guild in FabShop News magazine, the term “sewist” is coming into fashion.  Who knew?

Also, here are a few of the East Bay Resources for sewing we shared (in no particular order):

Local Shopping


Classes / School


4 thoughts on “Modern Quilting – Local East Bay Resources

  1. ktseams says:

    I washed and dried my quilt and it came out great. I was worried about the dyes running, but none. And I love how the quilt shrinks up and gets kinda crinkly looking after it dries! Took photos too, now it’s off to the USPS. I know it’s not a quilt but got started on our halloween costumes today too, little red riding hood is first… i love capes!

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