East Bay Modern October 2010 Meeting

We came, we saw, we talked!  Oh yeah, and we ate!  Thanks to Sharona, we had some lovely new digs for our meeting: New Pieces Quilt Shop!  It was quite a change from our former spot at the coffee shop, and quite an improvement.  Although the photos from the meeting will lack that coffee shop “ambiance,” we were able to spread out, get comfy and actually see the hand-work we brought while we ate the goodies brought by different members of the group.  (That reminds me, I still have a mini-Butterfinger in my purse, mmmmm.)

The downside of this wonderfully relaxed and fun meeting was that I was so busy having a good time chatting and quilting, that I didn’t take any notes!  But, I did take some pictures.  You can see them below, or you can always check out the action on our Flickr group.  East Bay Modern members are encouraged to join and upload your pictures.

If you missed the meeting, don’t worry, we’re meeting again on the last Tuesday of November at 6:30 again at New Pieces.  That will be our last formal group meeting of the year. So, come in November and get some work done on those handmade Christmas presents while hanging out with a lot of beautiful fabric and some pretty cool people! …or you’ll have to wait until January to meet us…

 East Bay Modern October Meeting Mosaic


2 thoughts on “East Bay Modern October 2010 Meeting

  1. sharona says:

    Those photos are SO GREAT…it brings back all the wonderful work I saw last night. What a creative wonderful group. We are SO GREAT, and my tummy is still HAPPY from all the goodies…YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    Great photography, Stacey.
    loved the meeting, seeing everyone’s work AND the discussion about what “modern” means in the quilt world. looking at my notes, i captured a few of the group’s thoughts.
    Modern = permission to take more liberties
    Modern = no pattern or work free form
    Modern = self-taught from books and internet
    Modern = (ironically) a return to quilts for beds & couches
    Modern = a way to draw in people who want to sew but maybe not just quilt
    Modern = gathering without a lot of rules about membership
    Modern = a label bc sewing has been around for 20K years and will go on for…?

    Good times. Lots to think about, lots to see.

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