East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November Meeting Notes

Wow! I don’t know what it is about the holiday season, but so many new people showed up for this meeting! For the first time ever we had to use name tags! Welcome to all the new people and we hope you enjoyed our little (or not so little!) group. Thanks also to Sharona, and New Pieces Quilt Store for hosting the meeting and providing some yummy treats.

1. East Bay Modern November Meeting, 2. East Bay Modern November Meeting, 3. East Bay Modern November Meeting, 4. Adrianne’s quilt for her daughter, 5. Adrianne’s quilt for Project Modern, 6. Adrianne’s quilt for Project Modern, 7. Birgit’s Turkey embroidery project, 8. Some Swiss fabric from Birgit, 9. Adrianne’s quilt for her daughter, 10. Deanna’s Quilt, 11. Deanna’s quilt – Elephants in Africa, 12. Deanna’s cute satin pj’s, 13. Dan’s hand-embroidered quilt tag, 14. Kristen’s advent calendar, 15. The back of Dan’s quilt., 16. Linda’s baby quilt, 17. Edith’s hand-quilted triangles back, 18. One of the quilts created for Deanna’s Children’s Quilts project, 19. Linda’s baby quilt, 20. Edith’s hand-quilted triangles front, 21. Sharona’s journal quilts, 22. Cyn’s hand beading on her yoga quilt, 23. Treats!, 24. Dan’s gorgeous quilt, 25. Deanna’s Ipad cover made by her daughter, 26. Dan’s gorgeous quilt, 27. Cyn’s hand beading on her yoga quilt, 28. Bari’s bag that started it all!, 29. Janis’ large felted bag (by Susan Hagen), 30. Quilt kits for Deanna’s Children’s Quilts project, 31. Cyn’s bird applique, 32. Stacey’s peppermint quilt top, 33. Edith’s hand-tied baby quilt, 34. Sharona’s lantern quilt, 35. Kristen’s sashiko runner

So, I just spent the evening writing up a long and detailed description of the meeting…clicked over to work on the photos…and “poof”  all gone except the opening paragraph.  What happened?  Don’t know, but I can’t face writing it again! Instead of doing it all over, I’m just going to put little commentaries under the pictures of Flickr.  Click on the link below the photos to see the full sized picture.

Also, a quick list of links to things discussed:

I will be working on setting up a mailing list and will let you know where to sign up once that’s finished.

There will be no meeting during the month of December, but we’ll get back together again on the last Tuesday of January.  Bring along a project that has gone horribly awry.  We want to see all those big mistakes, or little ones, or even mistakes that ended up making the piece better.  Or you can bring along something beautiful and perfect.  It’s up to you!

One of the main topics of conversation at the meeting was what separates “modern” quilters from other types of quilters.  I invite you to leave comments below as to why you identify as  “modern” quilter.  I’m so interested in reading the responses!


7 thoughts on “East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November Meeting Notes


    Wow, what a great job of capturing the meeting, Stacey! It was great to meet everyone, and this being my 3rd meeting, I am really loving the energy of seeing people’s work progress over time. Good stuff!

  2. sharona says:

    Thanks for all your CAPTURING Stacey. I cannot imagine what the “poof” moment felt like….wait a minute…YES I CAN…too many times. Yucko. I love the adventure we are on. Thanks for sharing it … My comments on what is a Modern quilt…(notice I speak as well as listen): – lots of space or feeling of space on the quilt top, – straight lines (not curves) [although I really want to add curves to the list], clear colors, bed size mostly, gentle…not in your face or artsy, happy quilts.
    See, descriptions of emotions are integral to my comments.
    Thank each of you for BEING and for Sewing! Hugs, Sharona

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