The “Wrong” side

Who says one side is the “right side” over the other?  It’s funny how ingrained a term becomes.  Time has this way of making things permanent; so permanent that it’s no longer a thought but an instinct.

Thanks to Stacey Sharman (teacher) and New Pieces quilt shop in Berkeley for offering a terrific class that has opened my eyes and given me permission to think outside my box.  The class was for improvisational log cabin – a Gee’s Bend-esque type of quilt.  Here are some of the things that got me thinking and intrigued:

students asked “Can I……?” –  teacher says “YES”

students asked “What if I ….?”  teacher says “You can do anything you want”

“Fabric has TWO sides.” (Me: oh, YEaaaAH!)

“Don’t think, just do it” and “Try not to think too hard about it”

“Don’t measure”  “you don’t even need a straight edge (ruler)” (Me: Whoa..!)

“Don’t rip out your seams” I did follow this mantra, and it DID work out another way, surprise!

Unexpected things can be embraced and there is no “right” side or “right” way if you are willing to expand your use of the tools at your disposal and your vision.  I like my corners to meet, I reeaally do, it feels good.  But when they don’t, well, that’s okay too and sometimes I even like it better that way.  Hah!

Yes, this is my quilt top EXTERIOR with raw edges showing.

The class was loose, fast, fun, magical, AND I put together a quilt top in two weekends.  That was the best part because I crave that instant gratification.  So onward I go, I will finish the quilt… but when can I make another quilt top….?  Soon.  More.  Love.  Again!  Do you finish one before starting another?

This is my quilt top done... yay!

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