Inspiration – Paris

Cute aprons please me nearly as much as a beautiful quilt.  I’ve been following the Tie One On apron challenge for months, and last month finally made my first submission.  This month, the theme is “Paris”.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Paris, but do you remember when Carrie Bradshaw went to Paris?  Yes, I mean Carrie from the television hit Sex and the City…  I immediately recalled her dress in the episode where she leaves NY to go to Paris.  That dress was my inspiration for the challenge.

The strong urge to use stripes lately also fed my inspiration.  I drafted my own pattern and added some red because I love red with black and white.  The end result was okay, but in retrospect I would have cut the apron with an a-line, and executed the pocket a little differently.  I keep finding fraying edge pieces sticking out from the “flower”… grrr.  But, it doesn’t bother me enough to redo it.  The stripe material was more of a canvas weight material and didn’t drape (duh!) so the tiny bit where I tried to gather it up just didn’t work as well and didn’t get gathered as much as I wanted it to because of the thickness.  So many things to learn!

Up next:

The improvisational log cabin was so much fun, that I’m wanting more improvisational quilting.  I’m thinking about doing one with curves like Sherri Lynn Wood does in her Mod Mood Quilts.  I actually quite dread the quilting of quilts, and think hand quilting might make that process more enjoyable… am I crazy?!




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3 thoughts on “Inspiration – Paris

  1. Peppermint Pinwheels says:

    I love that you’re using Carrie Bradshaw as inspiration for an apron. So funny! Do you have a pic with you wearing it? I’ll check your flickr!

    I totally agree with you about dreading machine quilting. Also, not my favorite part of the process. Since I got my little quilting machine (Pfaff Grand Hobby on a Grace frame), it’s been a bit better, but I’m convinced that a real long-arm quilting machine is the answer to all of my woes!

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