East Bay Modern Quilt Guild February Meeting Notes

I looked back at the meeting notes on Facebook, and this is officially the one year anniversary of East Bay Modern!  It was a little hairy there at times (one month, it was just me and Birgit!), but we made it!  Thanks to all of you great people that come out every month to chat with us about your fabric obsessions and to show us what you’ve been working on.  It’s been a really fun year!

But, back to the February meeting!  This meeting was a little bit different than past meetings as I had a little surprise for everyone.  Robert Kaufman very generously gave our guild charm packs of their Kona cottons.

Hello Kona!


We’re all super-excited to start our first “challenge” which will be to make name tags for ourselves.  Of course, then we’ll have lots of extra pretty fabric with which we can make our own interpretations of “modern quilts.”  I put that in quotes, because, the debate rages on (well, we aren’t really full of rage, but it is often politely discussed!) as to what makes a modern quilt.  As for myself, I don’t care if it fits into a nice, tidy box labeled “modern,” I just want to see something interesting!  And this month, there was a lot to be seen.  For even more pictures, and to see these much larger, check out our Flickr group.  If you’ve come to a meeting and would like to join the Flickr group, just click on the “join” button and I’ll send you an approval.  Also, to those of you who are already on Flickr, please tag yourselves or your work on the photos!

A few of the other things discussed at the meeting:

So, Happy Anniversary, East Bay Modern.  Here’s to an even better Year 2!

***Thanks to Robert Kaufman for the fabric – we’re a very excited bunch!!  As always, thank you to New Pieces Quilt Store for hosting us and Sharona for staying up late after a long day!  Also thanks to Adrianne for getting most of these links for me and to Cyn, for remembering to take some pictures when I was obviously to excited about giving away cute little charm packs!  And thanks to all 0f you who come and make our meetings so much fun!
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5 thoughts on “East Bay Modern Quilt Guild February Meeting Notes

  1. Little Bluebell (Adrianne) says:

    Great recap Stacey. It reminds me of how much fun we had. I already have a new circle project I want to try using your technique. Our Kona charm packs have so many possibilities… I keep petting them. They’re so pretty!

    I’m so glad you and Birgit hung in there. Happy Anniversary East Bay Modern!!

  2. Kim says:

    It’s been a lot of fun! Seeing what everyone is making is awesome and inspiring! Thanks for putting the challenge together Stacey!

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