East Bay Modern Quilt Guild – Meeting Notes 3/29/2011

This is Cyn posting for the group. I stepped in for Stacey!, and oh boy!  Taking the notes, running the meeting, and catching a few photos barely leaves time to see everyone’s beautiful quilts!  Sacrifices must be made.  So, the sacrifice here was that I didn’t take extensive notes.  I indulged in a lot of looking at quilts and then asked everyone after the meeting if there was something they’d like put in the notes.

Sharona's hexagon quilt top using the Robert Kaufman challenge fabrics

Here’s the scoop!

1.  Birgit finished her quilt!!!  I’m so bummed I don’t have a picture.  Joel got some great images, though!  Here’s the link to his Flickr >> yaye Joel!

2.  The photos here are mine – not all inclusive, just a few shots when I thought to pick up the camera.  I just wanted to get the notes up while everyone’s still hyped up on how much fun the meeting was.

3.  What made it fun?  We had 7 new quilters join us — not necessarily new to quilting — just new to EBMQG.  Hope you sewists come back for more sewing fun in April!

Deanna, reworking Ellen's Robert Kaufman challenge fabrics paired with prints from her own stash

4.  The Robert Kaufman nametag challenge… well, what can I say?  As Claudia told me, it’s perfectly appropriate that a group of Berkeley quilters would be rogues about following directions!  We saw several creative quilt tops – from Sharona’s hexagons to Ellen’s triangles matched with prints from her stash to Lauren’s “Stepping Stones” to Kristen’s graphic piecing of the blocks in a bone-colored sashing.

Lauren's Stepping Stones quilt from the Robert Kaufman challenge fabric

Don’t fret – there were some nametags!  I’m hoping Joel’s photos show these!  There were everything from abstracted interpretations of letters using strictly Robert Kaufman fabrics to Kaufman mixed with scraps to a miniquilt with no name on it to “what the heck, I’m just going to use completely different fabric, but it’s still a nametag.”

Does that pose say it all or what? Kristen's Robert Kaufman fabric challenge quilt top

5.  Dan showed us his GORGEOUS quilt that he is submitting to the Modern Quilt Guild’s monochromatic challenge.  So sorry that I can’t show you any pictures… but I can tell you it is sensational and awe-striking.  His workmanship and color sense will inspire anyone who loves fabric.

Kristen & Ellen pinning the top on the design wall

6.  A suggestion was made that anyone feeling the spirit should look into donating a quilt to the people in Japan.  More info here >> quilts4japan.org

Conversation and healthy snacks!

7.  Deanna, who is also very involved in the local East Bay Heritage Quilters guild, invited Modern Quilters to the 4/25 EBHQ meeting to see Judi Warren Blaydon speak.  Those interested could go at 6:30 for a show-n-tell; official meeting starts at 7:30 pm.

Deanna showing another Robert Kaufman fabric challenge quilt

Of note…

Cara showing a quilt she's been working on with... scrolls!!!

1.  Lauren has been talking on the EBMQG Facebook page about getting better photos of her quilts.  She’s investing in a new camera and wants to also work on the art of capturing a great image.  She and I are planning an outting to take quilts to the Berkeley Rose Garden, probably in May.  It’ll be casual and fun, and if you’d like to join us with your quilts, jump on the Facebook thread.

Asija's sweet rose quilt she's making for her beloved mother-in-law

2.  If you’d like to take a class… I get to add this bc I’m writing the notes ;)
I’m taking Mary Mashuta’s Foolproof Machine Quilting on Saturday, April 16.  It’d be fun to have more Modern Quilters in the class too!  Curious to know why I am so hyped up over Mary Mashuta?  Here’s my blog post:  Mary Mashuta to the Rescue

Another quilt from Asija!

Sharona actually said, "Is this not the ugliest quilt I've made?" - what????? It's awesome!

Lauren's bird quilt for her twin sister: two birds born of one flesh divided


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 26, 2011.  Meeting at New Pieces in Berkeley, 6:30-8:30.

Theme? A Show-n-Tell of your favorite quilting tools or products!  From thread to rulers to scissors to… whatever.  Whatever makes you better at quilting, bring it to share and show.

And of course, bring a quilt too!

Snacks — especially healthy ones — are welcome too!


5 thoughts on “East Bay Modern Quilt Guild – Meeting Notes 3/29/2011

  1. sharona says:

    That quilt is called 3 C’s…a close up will reveal why that’s its name…Thanks for the great notes Cyn, and for all the assistance to each other. That’s the best part.

  2. Stacey says:

    Yeah – what great notes, Cyn! I almost felt like I was there!! I’ll look on the flickr page to see if Joel posted more pics there.

    I’m totally in on that trip to the Rose Garden. I keep wanting to go and take some quilt photos, but I’m too shy – I’ll feel more empowered with you ladies there!

  3. Deanna says:

    Jogging memories here about the local East Bay Heritage Quilters Guild’s invitation to EBMQG members for free admission to the April 25 meeting featuring Judi Warren Blaydon. In this very personal lecture, Judi will show how she has used quilts, paintings, drawings and stitched paper prints to document the things she loves, from her first quilt, made in 1976, up to the present. Informal sharing time at 6:30 for a show-n-tell; lecture at 7:30 pm.

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