Dynamo Day

This isn’t at all quilty, but sharing excitement is fun.  So, thank you, I will.

As much as admitting this might get me banned from the i-feed-my-children-only-healthy-natural-organic-food club in Berkeley, I must tout praises for Dynamo Donut + Coffee in San Francisco.  Okay, well, I never was invited to that club anyway because we eat SPAM at our house — and I don’t need your darn club,  so there!  It was a cold, foggy morning in the city, and gourmet donuts and tea (my drug of choice) fit the bill perfectly.  $3.50 for a mere donut?! might you nay-sayers exclaim.  And yes, those tender morsels were worth every penny I might add.  The shop even had donut themed kids books inside for the girls to read while they waited as I savored every bite.  Mmmm.

Books about donuts!

I also began a silhouette project following these instructions by Jill of Homemade by Jill.  I made freezer paper stencils (my first time) of my girls’ silhouettes.  I ironed the stencils to squares of Kona white, and did two applications of navy blue fabric paint with those foamy brushes.  My dynamo day ended with the paint applied and drying and me happy to have a surprise in the morning.  I couldn’t wait to reveal the silhouettes.  This is how they turned out.  Unfortunately the process left big sis with some sort of wattle – we’ll redo that one.  :)

Li'l sis & Big sis

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