East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Notes – November 2012

What an exciting meeting!!! We started off the evening by presenting Dan’s new baby, Ben, with the quilt we made for him.  It was so sweet of him to come to the meeting to receive it personally.

Kim put all the blocks given by guild members together in such a cute way, and Kristen did such a great job (and on such a tight deadline!) with the quilt label.  I (Stacey) did the quilting, but really, that was the easy part!

Ben's quilt label

Great job guys…but keep up that creative, giving spirit.  There are some other tummies around the table that have been getting a bit bigger…and not just because of the Christmas chocolates and macaroons (thanks, Allison and Birgit for the treats!).  New projects are in the works!

Ellen's fabric bonanza from Cathy Heck Studio

Ellen came and gave out stacks and stacks of samples from her new fabric lines, Jumpin’ Monkeys (flannel) and Emma (quilting cotton).  There were lots of ooohs and aaahhs.  The cheater panel with the monkeys is the best!  What a great way to make up a quick baby gift.

Kristen's stack of fabric

Kristen also brought in a bunch of give-away fabric.  Which was quickly devoured.  I think I only got one piece of that!

Well, I guess that’s okay, because the lovely and generous Jan DiCintio from Daisy Janie is sending us some wonderful organic fabrics for our next challenge!  Sadly, the box was sitting in the UPS warehouse in San Pablo, and didn’t make it to the meeting this month, but never fear!  We’ve figured out a distribution method and I’ll be writing a separate blog post all about our next challenge in about a week.

We're busy reading Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts from Lark Publishing

We also shared the new book that Lark Publishing so generously donated to our fledgeling EBMQ library.  Thank you, Lark Books!  It’s called Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts, and perhaps someone will use it to make doll quilts for East Bay Modern’s first quilt show, Stitch Modern.

Did you just read that?  EAST BAY MODERN QUILT GUILD IS DOING A QUILT SHOW!  Thanks to the massive efforts of Birgit and Sharona, this show is going to happen!  The show will be called Stitch Modern, and held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts from February 1-12, 2012. If you are interested in submitting a quilt, you must be a member of the East Bay Modern or Bay Modern Quilt Guilds.  Entry fee is $25 and the deadline is Jan. 5th.  In order to gain access to the entry form, ask to join the Stitch Modern Flickr Group.  This will be the central location for all things Stitch Modern!  Questions?  You can e-mail me for more info: eastbaymodern(at)gmail.com.

We will have another blog post with all the details about the show and all the festivities around it in mid-January.

The January meeting will be held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts in order to install the show.  Remember, there is no December meeting – Happy Holidays!

If you’d like to see more photos from the November meeting, head over to Flickr to check out how fun the meeting was and see just how talented our members are!

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012 Meeting


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