East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting, March 2012

There were so many beautiful quilts at the March meeting, but before I tell you where to go see them in detail, I have a confession. I must admit that I got a bit busy last month. (I even forgot to wish my Mom a happy birthday, that’s how busy I was – sorry, Mom!)  I was also too busy to post the February meeting notes.  Bad girl!  The guilt has kinda been keeping me up at night, so let me do a little recap of the February meeting real quick. We spent a lot of the meeting discussing our favorite threads and battings.  We also got to take home some samples packs of all the battings offered by Quilter’s Dream Batting.  Thanks, QD!

Because I know you’re dying to know, here’s the list of favorites:

  • Joel – Fairfield batting
  • Kristen – Sulky rayon thread, Warm & Natural batting
  • Asija – Nature Fill Bamboo batting
  • Cyn – Aurifill 50 wt thread, for machine quilting she likes Superior King Tut thread, for hand quilting it’s YLI and Kinkame silk thread.  She’s also a fan of Thread Heaven to prevent hand quilting thread snarls.
  • Dan R. – Warm & Natural battting, Aurafill threads (50 wt for peicing, 40 wt for quilting, 20 wt for topstitching on denim)
  • Terri – Warm & Natural batting, Gutermann poly for peicing, King Tut for machine quilting, Gutermann silk for hand piecing
  • Allison – King Tut for quilting, Mettler for piecing
  • Dan – Gutermann Sew All thread
  • Claudia – Quilter’s Dream Cotton Request batting, Aurafill thread, Lecein multi-strands
  • Stacey – Warm & Natural and Quilter’s Dream Cotton batting, Gutermann thread

You can see all of the photos from the February meeting over on Flickr.

Whew!  Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can talk about the March meeting!  As I said, there were a bevy of beautiful quilts on display which you can see in great detail on Flickr.  Lots of quilts and projects are coming in using the Daisy Janie fabric line, Shades of Grey.  It’s cool to see all the different colors that are being paired with the grey and white fabrics.

We were also treated to an appearance by Carol Van Zandt who talked about her new fabric line for Andover called Tokyo Rococo.  She came with STACKS of gorgeous fabric to share with the group.  She also talked about how she got the idea for the collection and showed us pieces of the vintage French fabrics that inspired her.

There was so much swag at this meeting as Amelia also brought in bags and bags of vintage textile and quilting books to give away.  So generous!  I would have been hoarding those books on dusty shelves for at least 20 years, if it were me!  As it was, I only came home with about 5.  Inexplicably, I’m attracted to 1970’s books about tablet weaving.  Dusty shelf, here you go.

We also shared a top secret project that the group has been working on.  I can’t talk about it or show pictures of it yet, but it is C.U.T.E!!!!  Perhaps, it will be shown publicly next month?

We discussed the possibility of a group trip to Quilt Con next February.  Wow, it’s difficult to commit to something that far away!  We’re still tossing around ideas.  Amelia has suggested a custom bus with tables in the back for sewing all the way to Austin!

Just a little heads up, the next Stitch Modern Quilt Show will be happening in February of 2013.  We thought we’d give you a little more notice this year!

And finally, congrats to the two EBMQ members who had quilts accepted to The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase in Houston.  Since there were only 33 quilts accepted from hundreds of applications, this is such a huge honor!

Interested in coming to the next meeting?  Facebook is our events hub, you can see the next meeting over there!


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