September Meeting

We had another great meeting which I am sure led to some amazing inspiration that we will get to see in another meeting when someone makes something spectacular to bring in for show and tell. Seriously, our guild members are the business:)

On to the meeting…

  • East Bay Heritage Quilters Modern Meet Up was a lot of fun. Those that were able to go said the spread was impressive and there was a demo of a applique/fusing technique done by Claire Sherman. The Heritage quilters are still working out details of the meetups and no sewing machines were brought out, but that may change. Our members had a great time and encourage others to go. The nest meet up will be Oct 11 at Albany Methodist Church, 980 Stannage Ave. Albany (at Marin Ave). The cost is $5 for non-members.
  • Sew Dates start back this month! We meet at the North Berkeley library from 2-5. Oct 20 and November 17 are the next two dates plan. Bring your machine and get ready to get some sewing done!
  • Stitch Modern is already in the works. We put on our first show last year and we are revved up for show number 2. Birgit Hottenrott is heading up this show and is looking for input for show ideas. You can reach her via e-mail or you can check out our Google group (more on that in the post). Our show will be be put up Jan 29 and taken February 24. The Piedmont Center for the Arts is open Fri-Sun from 12-3. The deadline for quilt submissions will be Jan 7. Some ideas for events is a market day (selling our wares), panel discussion for fabric designers, and special speakers. Our opening night will be schedules for February 2 (bring your friends), the family day will be Feb 9 (bring your family). More details to come…
  • The Google Group is still the “best”? way to talk to the group. We know that there are some limitations, but Facebook can lose a post and we don’t want to pay for a service (not really our style). We encourage people to contact Stacey ( to be added to our group. Those already on the group, please delete all past discussion when posting to the group. Thanks:)
  • The Sherri Lynn Woods class was so popular that we may try to do a second one. Allison has done a lot of work to put this together and we are honored to help Sherri spread her knowledge. If another class is possible we will let everyone know ASAP. We look forward to seeing what people do in the workshop!
  • Kristen’s Takakuwa will be putting on another class “The Complete with Improv Piecing”, a great class for beginners. Students should know how to thread their machine and sew a straight line, but not much else is required. Tell your friends!!
  • Quilter’s Quest 2012 is coming up and New Pieces will be one of the shops participating shops. It’s a great time and a good excuse to check out local shops.

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