Meeting Notes – March 2013

My deepest apologies for getting to these notes so late. I have no excuse except that I am moving to Japan…I hope that’s enough;)

Anyway, we have a lot going on with our guild and the national guild so let’s get to it.

As a guild, we have a lot of decisions to make in regards to joining the national Modern Quilt Guild (MQG). This is something each member should be thinking about and researching and something we will be discussing more over the next few months.

I can’t stress enough how this is the beginning of this discussion and no decisions will be made right away so please do not panic as different ideas are brought up. No decisions need to be made until January 2014.

At QuiltCon, it was announced that the MQG will now get 501(c) status as a non profit. All chapters that want to be associated with the MQG will need to make changes regarding their finances and leadership. Our guild would need to do the following:

1. create bylaws

2. create a bank account

3. start paying dues

4. create a board

We will have to pay into the national Modern Quilt Guild in order to use the term Modern Quilt Guild. We would have access to a centralized web site that we could use to contact other guilds more easily (for swaps or meet ups, etc). The MQG has said that any information on this site will not be sold. We would receive discounted entry fees for MQG events, advanced registration on MQG conferences, permission to use the MQG logo, and ability to enter MQG shows. MQG would also help get us insurance for events our local chapter holds for a discounted price. We would also receive a membership cards, a MQG pin, and blog button.

The cost is based on the total number of members. The more members, the higher the cost.

If our guild chooses not to join, individual members can join the MQG as individuals. They would not have access to the data base, but they would get everything else mentioned above.

Some Pros and Cons were discussed at the meeting:

Con – Some guilds are already set up for being a non profit. This is a lot of work and burn out from members is very high. There would need to be a constant stream of new members to keep the guild going. We would be starting from square one.

Pro – The National Guild would be able to help us get started.

Con – Joining the national guild could result in restrictions on our own autonomy.

Pro – We would be included in all the fabric challenges and have easy access to contact other guilds.

Some suggestions:

1. Sit back and see what happens. We don’t need to do anything until January 2014. It may be wise to see how other guilds are effected before we make the leap.

2. Become our own independent guild. We may have to change our name since MQG may not allow us to use the term MQG. (I like East Bay Contemporary Fabric/Textile Arts Guild).

3. Take the plunge and join the national MQG. A lot of other guilds are really excited about becoming organized.

4. Join East Bay Heritage Quilters. They have invited us to have our own special interests branch of their guild. We could have a members on the board and they would help us pay for speakers and other events.

This is a lot of information and you may be feeling overwhelmed. So we only ask that right now, everyone think about what they want out of our guild. Do you want more social activities? public service projects? swaps? lectures? talks? classes? anything? This is really the best starting place as we begin to navigate this change.

Check out this webinar for more information on the National MQG. You will be required to register, but it is very informative. 

Regardless of how we go, we know for sure that we are outgrowing our space. We can’t thank Sharona enough for being so gracious with her shop, but we need to find a bigger space! Please contact Stacey for any ideas.

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles made their money!! They were almost forced to close due to lack of funds, but the community rallied and they are now okay. Now time for a field trip.

Our own Kim Anderson not only won the Printed Bolt challenge, but she also won the People’s Choice. Congrats!!! The voting for the second challenge just started so go over and check out her new design, Up in the Air!

Now for something sad.

Our next meeting  will be the last meeting for me before I depart for Japan. I know that most of you will be wearing black and holding back sobs and I suspect that a few of you will probably throw yourselves on the ground begging for me to stay. Due to this our meeting will be a short one. For those able to control your wailing we ask that you join us at Picante just down the street for a solemn goodbye. Please feel free to prepare speeches on how I helped you become the quilter that you are today and how you aren’t sure the East Bay quilt scene will go on with out me…

KIDDING!!!! But seriously, it will be a short meeting followed by margaritas at Picante!!!!

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