Why EBMQG is amazing!!!

Tuesday night was my last meeting at the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild for at least three years. I will literally be in the air going to Japan during the May meeting! This is kind of tough for me because of what this guild has done for me as a quilter and as a person.

It seems like a broad statement, but I look at my journey from my first meeting in January 2011 to now and I am a completely different quilter. It took many quiet days in my sewing room to contemplate and many conversations with my husband in order to put into words what the difference was. I could say that I know more about technical quilting items. The amount of talent our guild has is amazing and I have learned an incredible amount from all of them, but my change was more than that. I could say that I have experienced more. I have gone through quilt shows, fabric panels, QuiltCon, fabric challenges and more, but my change is more than that. I could say that I have had an education in what makes quilting an important craft and not just a hobby. I have been inspired by Thomas Knauer, seen Sherri Lynn Woods speak, took a class with Elizabeth Hartman, and I am now aware of fabric designers and their contribution to quilting, but my change is so much more than that.

This guild gave me my confidence. I was ready to walk away from quilting in frustration from the negative influences that were telling me my ideas were not possible and that I needed to follow what everyone else was doing when I found EBMQG. I found a guild that didn’t want to tell me how to quilt or tell me what to make, but encourage me to follow my ideas, They gave me the confidence to experiment, the confidence to fail, and the confidence to fall back in love with this wonderful craft. This confidence has spilled into other parts of my life and for that I can not thank you all enough.

I hear conversations or see them on different pages about why quilters should join a guild and here is my argument for why quilters should indeed join a guild. I think every quilter should have a group of people this amazing (modern or not) surrounding them to let them know that their point of view matters, their opinion matters, they creativity matters, and that they have a seat at the table. It really is an amazing experience.

Thank you to all the EBMQG members for my going away and for all the confidence you have helped me gain. I go to Japan ready for my next quilting adventure ready to learn and share. Below are picture of some going away gifts.

My going away pillow!! It was made of 6×6 blocks that different members created in shades of orange and red. I love it!!! The quilting is great and the zipper is amazing!!! I love it!!!!

DSCN3435 DSCN3436 DSCN3437

And so does my 4 year old. I found him on it the next morning and he keeps telling me he wants it. I told him, “tough, it’s got my name on it!” I am pretty sure this fight will be for a while;)


Valerie made me pot holders and included a picture of the trip from QuiltCon. I guess she didn’t get her blocks in on time which works out nicely since I need pot holders. And I love the memories from Quilt Con. At the 80’s dance party, she had the best turquoise bike shorts on and watching her dance to Billy Jean was a kind of amazing. Good Times!!


Amelia brought  me flowers! I love flowers…thanks:)


And not pictured is the fun “after party” at Picante’s. Margaritas, guacamole, and quilt talk…I could have stayed all night!!! You all are amazing!!!!

Thanks to those who came and to those that couldn’t make it … I love you all!!

I leave you all with this bible verse ( I hope this doesn’t weird anyone out, but if it does….I am leaving anyway!!!):

Phillipians 1:3 I thank my God every time I remember you. (NIV)

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