East Bay Modern Quilt Guild May 2013 Meeting

May 2013 East Bay Modern Meeting

May 2013 East Bay Modern Meeting

Right now I’m SORELY missing our ex-pat, Lauren, not just because she’s such a great East Bay Modern member, but because she was EXTRA great at writing up the meeting wrap-up blog posts! (I hope you’re having tons of fun over in Japan, Lauren! We miss you!) Enough crying into my keyboard, though. We have quilting to talk about!

Last month we said goodbye, both to Lauren, and also to our meeting location for the past few years, New Pieces in Berkeley. We will all miss Sharona’s wonderful hospitality and thank her so much for putting up with us! Without her and the shop, I’m not sure where this group would be, but I suspect that we would be crammed into the corner of a dirty coffee shop, if anywhere!

This month, we moved over to Oakland to a new kid on the quilt shop block, A Verb for Keeping Warm. Kristine, the owner has stocked her lovely store with all sorts of gorgeous yarns and fabrics to tempt us as we sit and chat.  Since we didn’t have any “guild business” to focus on this month(if you like that kind of stuff, refer to our last few months of meeting notes to get your fill!), we had lots of time for everyone’s favorite, show and tell! I won’t go into detail, but here are a few of the things we touched on during the evening:

You can see lots of eye-candy over on Flickr, but it’s never as fun as coming to a meeting, hearing about the work, and meeting some great people, so if you’re in the area,  come to the next meeting. We’d love to meet you!


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