Meeting Notes: November

The biggest topic discussed was… Stitch Modern! If you haven’t noticed yet, registration forms are up! You can find it here.

Most important on the agenda is advertising! We would like to get our advertising cards printed very soon (like by next week!). So if you have a picture, even if the quilt is not complete, please send it on to Kim Andersson or add it to the Stitch Modern flickr site. Close ups of the patchwork, overall shots and work in progress shots are all welcome. It must be of the quilt you plan on entering into the show.

To make Stitch Modern the best it can be, we will need donations! We will have a drafted donation solicitation letter in place for anybody who thinks they can use it. A monetary donation is preferred to cover our costs, but also items for door prizes will be accepted. If desired, recognition for the donation will be provided at our show, but we will need to know as soon as possible to make that happen. Thank you!

There is now a google calendar detailing the events for our show. You will find all the info in February of 2014 on the calendar. The show will officially run January 30- February 23.

We are coming along with finding people for our quilting careers panel discussion- but we need ideas for a name! Some popular ones were: Quilting Biz, Stitching for Tricks, Cashing for Threads, Quilting for Profit…

We are coordinating with Ben Venom and Roderick Kiracofe for the speakers night! They will likely speak together on one weeknight, for an hour each.

Sherri Lynn is interested in doing another workshop with us! There’s a possibility that this event and projects from it will be featured in her next book! This workshop will likely be held the weekend of 22nd and there will be an additional fee for this event, the cost depending on how many people sign up. Limited space availability so preference will be given to EBMQG members.

Several people brought in scraps for both projects for Community Day! Thank you! We probably could still use some more. For the design-a-block charity quilt, we would love squares and rectangles in multiples of 3 (plus add seam allowance), but no larger than 12.5 inches. So for example, 3.5 inch squares, 6.5 inch squares, 3.5 x 6.5 inch rectangles, or 3.5 x 12.5 inch rectangles. If you don’t have time to cut your scraps, we have people willing to cut! We hope to make this an ongoing event during all gallery hours so if you are signing up to watch the gallery, please know that you may have a small station for this. Also, let us know if you are willing to help sew the blocks up on our open sew day, Feb. 16th. We are in the works of deciding which charity(s?) to donate the quilt to, so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear it.

Now on to some other news!

Look for Dan’s quilted backgammon game in the book, Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects.

Carol Z. invites us to the East Bay Sashiko Workshop! We are still trying to pin her down for a Sashiko Day for Stitch Modern, but if that doesn’t work, this is a good alternative. She has also been asked to teach at Quilt Market next year!

Kristen continues to teach a drop-in class on the third Tuesday of the month at New Pieces. It’s a block of the month class featuring blocks from the Farmer’s Wife sampler quilt.


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