stitch modern lecture in piedmont

A great review from Magpie Weekend of the Stitch Modern Lecture with Ben Venom and Roderick Kiracofe!


The secret is out. I love textiles. I’m going to gush about more of them here…

Quilts! I have been slowly teaching myself how to make quilts. Its a fun, testing, yet gratifying project. This week, I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to a Stitch Modern Lecture presented by the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Show. Roderick Kiracofe was the main speaker; Ben Venom, the opener.

Roderick Kiracofe is well known in the quilt community. A quick search on amazon will bring up some of his beautiful books. He shared with us a few pieces (quilts and quilt tops) from his vast and varied collection. Roderick enjoys sharing with people, not only the fronts of quilts but the backs as well. Its like going backstage in a sense. Seeing what only the maker and user of the quilt saw. The quilt’s story becomes more intimate…

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