Pop Rox, Carol van Zandt’s New Fabric Line, Part Two + Giveaway

An interview with East Bay Modern’s Carol Van Zandt!

See How We Sew

Welcome back to Part Two of my interview with fabric designer, Carol van Zandt.

While doing a bit of homework on Carol, I learned that she sewed clothing as a child, and later created home decor. Designing fabric inspired her to make her own quilts.  Here’s a bit about her personal quilting experience.

Are you also a quiltmaker? If so, what style of quilts do you enjoy making?

Carol van Zandt's first quilt. Carol van Zandt’s first quilt.

I just started quiltmaking in the last eighteen months, inspired by all the people I have met making projects with my fabric.  A trip to an East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting tipped me over the edge. I was blown away by the work they were doing. It just hit my sweet spot design wise.  I am inspired to do more improvisational quilting and, though I sometimes plan a basic type of composition with a sketch, I…

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