Meeting Notes: June

Our long time member, Valerie, has been accepted to grad school on the east coast. The next meeting will be her last one, so please join us for a get together at a local restaurant after the July meeting to see her off!

We have been coordinating with Sue Fox’s studio to establish Sewing Meet-ups for our guild. Her studio is local and set up with multiple cutting and sewing stations, making it an ideal location for our group. You would need to bring your own equipment if you decide to take part in these Sewing Meet-ups. More details to be forthcoming!

The Amish inspired quilt exhibit now has a name! Amish: The Modern Muse. This show continues to generate a lot of interest here. We would like to submit a compilation of mini quilts as one big quilt. If you are interested, mini’s must be presented at the August meeting. They must be 10-12 inches square, be inspired by the Amish, and have the color TEAL in it. We will be determining the best way to hang them at the August meeting. If you cannot make it to the August meeting, contact us and we’ll let you know where to send them!

If you would like to submit a regular quilt to the Amish: The Modern Muse show, the Call for Entries announcement goes live on July 1st. It will have all the information and guidelines you will need to know to submit a quilt for the show.



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