Joe Cunningham at Stitch Modern

This is a great post by Carol Van Zandt about the Joe Cunningham lecture at Stitch Modern!

The Plaid Portico

We were lucky enough to have Joe Cunningham speak as one of our Stitch Modern special events. Stitch Modern is the annual show of the East Bay Modern Quilters and we will be covering the entire exhibition in a week or so, so stay tuned for that.

Joe the Quilter came to sing to us, talk to us and joke with us- as is his way- and of course to show us his remarkable quilts and talk about quilting and art. He sews every bit of his large, mostly square quilts himself – some by hand, most by machine.  Originally a musician, Joe has been a professional quilter for 35+ years. Having initially delved deeply into the history and traditions of quilts and techniques, his original quilts are unique and sought after. With eleven books under his belt, and quilts in permanent collection of museums, he is a popular lecturer and…

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