Meeting Minutes: May

Several interesting events in June worth checking out!

June 4-5
Come check out the quilt bombing on the Iron Horse Trail in Danville. Hosted by Wooden Gate Quilts, quilts will be hung on the fence of the Iron Horse Trail that runs near the shop. The viewing area is between Prospect Ave. and Linda Mesa from 9:30-5:30, weather permitting.

June 18-19
KPFA Summer Crafts Fair
Craneway Pavilion, Richmond
This is a free arts and crafts fair with a “Quilts and Quilters” Exhibit and Sale.

What are we up to?

Two of our members, Darci and Amelia, are working on a sister sewing group that focuses on garment sewing. I have to say, we love seeing the garments our members made at our quilt meetings! However, if you want a more focused garment group, contact us and we will put you in touch with the new East Bay Stitchers group!

Many of us are interested in a Bay Area – wide modern quilters meet up! Stay tuned for more details for a possible Fall meet up at the de Young. Which incidentally, will coincide with an exciting upcoming exhibit, On The Grid: Textiles and Minimalism.

As always, Show and Tell was a real treat and super inspiring. I didn’t end up taking any pictures (low phone battery, dang it) but you can always check out our Flickr page, the Instagram hashtag #ebmq, or come to our next meeting on June 28th from 6:30-8:30pm at A Verb For Keeping Warm!


3 thoughts on “Meeting Minutes: May

  1. Pavlos Mayakis says:

    At the Mendocino Art Center only 3 sports remaining:
    THE NEW COLOR MIXING FOR DYERS with Carol Soderlund
    June 25–29, 2016 (Saturday–Wednesday, 9:30am–4:30pm)
    Scholarships Available:

    Dye the color you choose, not the color that chooses you! Explore the unlimited number of hues possible by mixing only pure reds, yellows, and blues of Procion MX fiber reactive dye. Teams of students will use different sets of primaries that when mixed will yield hundreds of colors in a wide range of values. Sharing the results, each student will build a sample book of more than 1,000 dye swatches and their recipes on 100% cotton fabric. This book will become an invaluable reference for future dyeing. Using the sample book as a guide, each student will apply the basic techniques of dyeing, including dyeing value gradations, over-dyeing, and low water immersion techniques. The expanded format will allow much more time for individual projects, and getting color onto cloth.

    Along with this hands-on approach, students will come to understand color theory in three-dimensional model that goes beyond the color wheel. We will examine the difference between color theory and color reality, and break through the confusions of so many color systems that are not dye-based. This course will be a wonderful foundation for wearable artists, quilters, needleworkers, weavers, and dyers of cellulose fibers and silk, or for anyone who wants to learn more about the interactions of color.

    NEW as of 2013! Students will be creating new color families not previously dyed in Carol’s classes. If you have been wanting a new set of samples, but would do the work cooperatively with classmates, this is your opportunity!

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