Free fabric!

This activity is Saturday 26 August— tomorrow!!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve decided to donate the remainder of Eli Leon’s materials to you, the local art and quilting communities. It would be lovely and fitting to see some of what Eli amassed over 50 years of collecting have a new life in your artwork and quilts. I know he would love this idea if he could still understand!

There are mounds and mounds of fabric, clothing, and clothing fragments, much of it vintage, plus some quilt fragments and blocks. There are also other things for the taking: shelves and miscellaneous practical items.

Please forward this notice to your quilt guilds and artist friends!

Stop by 5663 Dover St in Oakland Sat Aug 26th from 11AM – 2PM.

Thank you again for everything!



Jenny Hurth
Eli Leon Living Trust
(510) 384-3220


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