November Meeting Notes

1. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 2. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 3. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 4. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 5. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 6. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 7. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 8. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012, 9. East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012

December is upon us and there is so much to discuss.  As if we need more to do during the holiday season we are planning two quilt shows and finishing a charity quilt for QuiltCon. So, let’s get into our meeting notes:

1. We will start with Stitch Modern. It’s kind of a big deal;) This will be our second annual quilt show that is held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts. The quilts will hang from January 29  to February 25. While I don’t have all the details about submissions, here a few things to know:

  • To submit a quilt you must have attended at least one meeting.
  • The submission fee is $30 we take Pay Pal or checks can be made out to Birgit Hottenrott.
  • There is no size requirements, but quilts larger than 42″ should have a sleeve and rod (a wooden dowel would work fine). If you plan on having the quilt in the San Francisco guild you should plan on putting a sleeve on your quilt regardless of size.
  • The deadline for submission is January 5, 2013.
  • Birgit will be posting a Google doc that can be e-mailed to her. You can also post your submission on our Stitch Modern Flikr group. Be sure to label your picture Stitch Modern 2013.

We are also looking for people to help us plan events during the show. We have a Family Day being planned and we are open to any suggestions. We will also need help planning our Opening Reception so please contact Birgit if you would like to help. To receive more information on the show please sign up for our e-mail list located on the right hand side of the screen.

2. The San Francisco Quilters Guild is given us space for a exhibit at their big Quilt Show in March. Our plan is to use the same quilts from the Stitch Modern show. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities.

3. We saw the blocks for our quilt we will be making for the Austin’s Children Shelter. This is part of a massive charity event held by The Modern Quilt Guild in conjunction with QuiltCon. From their page

“As a way of giving something back to QuiltCon’s host city of Austin, Texas, we’re going to use the blocks that aren’t selected for [the challnege] to make quilts for each of the 46 beds at the Austin Children’s Shelter. This will be MQG’s first large-scale charity project and we look forward to both using the many beautiful blocks we received for the challenge and getting as many guilds as possible involved in the process! Participating guilds will receive a package of 7 or more blocks (much like the groups of blocks being shown in these blog posts) to expand into a 68″ X 88″ Twin bed quilt. This can be accomplished by adding blocks, adding negative space, or some combination of the two. The quilts will need to be machine quilted, bound, washed, and shipped to Austin in advance of QuiltCon. MQG will also be interested in hearing about each guild’s process and will feature the completed quilts in a series of blog posts in Spring 2013.”

Dan Rouse has been kind enough to head up this project. He received our packet of quilt blocks. Our plan was to add onto the log cabin blocks to create 12 23″ square blocks. Terri Fox will be assembling the quilt front so any blocks should be either mailed to Terry or dropped off at New Pieces by Jan 4 . I (Lauren) will be putting the backing together. Stacey Sharman has agreed to the quilting. Dan will be taking care of the binding and hanging sleeve. The quilt must be returned by February 1 and the quilt will be on display at QuiltCon along with the other guild’s quilts.

4.  Our next sew days will be January 19 (10 -1), February 16 (10-1) and March 16 (2-5). Come join us at the North Berkeley Library for a few hours of sewing bliss:)

5. Apparently our logo is breaking some MQG rule. We are not sure which rule or where the rule exists, but we were told we were breaking it. Joel Ignacio has been working on some new logos and we will be voting soon on what our new EBMQG logo will be.

6. If you have a blog, we want to know about it. Contact Stacey Sharman on how to get on our networked blogs.

7. We will not be having a December meeting since it will collides with the holidays. Our January meeting will be at the Piedmont Center for the arts to hang the Stitch Modern Show. Same time 6:30…Happy Holidays and I hope to see you in January.


October Meeting Notes


I can’t believe October is already over!!   Now that Halloween is over we can all focus on the craziness that is the holiday season…*deep breath*…Keep calm, Quilt On.

Holiday craziness aside, we had a great meeting. New faces and a lot of really cool projects. On top of that was a  fun and educational tutorial by Stacey Sharman about curved piecing. As modern quilters we talk about breaking the rules, but you need to know the rules before you break them. I hope we have more of these mini tutorials in the future (hint, hint).

Here’s what else happened:

1. Many of the local guild members were able to make it to the Sherri Lynn Wood’s class about improvisational curved piecing class. There is talk about another class in the future so stay tuned.

2. The South Bay Area MQG wants to do a swap with us:) It will be a secret Santa style and most likely sewer’s choice (i.e. mug rug, pincushion, needle case, or whatever you want to make) the item will be small and hopefully useful. There will be more discussion about this at the next meeting.

3. Our last sew day was a mess. Two people allegedly called the library and cancelled our meeting. Those responsible have not been apprehended. That being said, we are trying again on Nov 17 at the North Berkeley Library from 2 pm to 5pm. Please come and have a few hours of sewing and chatting.

4. Carol Van Zandt showed that she was not only an awesome designer, but generous too! She gave us fabric form her new Licorice Fizz collection (available in stores now). Members who were present at the meeting received 1/2 yd cuts to create amazing stuff.

Side story to that, Stacey set the fabric out at the beginning of the meeting and told everyone about the offer. Then she tells us that we have to wait until the end of the meeting to receive the fabric. I am not sure what I have done to Stacey to make her torture me through an hour and half of meeting time with the fabric right in front of me. It was cruel and unusual…just sayin’.

5. East Bay Heritage Quilter Guild had a fun modern meetup. They had a demo about hexagons. They have another meeting tonight (November 8, 2012) at Albany Methodist Church, 980 Stannage Ave. Albany (at Marin Ave). The cost is $5 for non-members. Check it off if you get a chance!

6. Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival will be in Oakland on November at 18 Jack London Square Pavilion. This is a free event and it looks very cool. I plan on taking the family:)

7. Sharona, owner of New Pieces and curator for the “New Quilts of Northern California” exhibit at the Pacific International Quilt Show, shared her experience as a person who chooses quilts for shows. Photos need to represent the quilt so please send photos that are well lit and hung properly. Also, please follow directions exactly. If they only want one photo, just send one photo.

8. A cool product was discussed. The Frixion erasable gel pen. While we do not endorse this product, it looks pretty cool. And we love when people share about cool stuff! Check out this YouTube video to see what it can do.

Like I said, It was a good meeting. I hope we get to see everyone at the November meeting!!!

September Meeting

We had another great meeting which I am sure led to some amazing inspiration that we will get to see in another meeting when someone makes something spectacular to bring in for show and tell. Seriously, our guild members are the business:)

On to the meeting…

  • East Bay Heritage Quilters Modern Meet Up was a lot of fun. Those that were able to go said the spread was impressive and there was a demo of a applique/fusing technique done by Claire Sherman. The Heritage quilters are still working out details of the meetups and no sewing machines were brought out, but that may change. Our members had a great time and encourage others to go. The nest meet up will be Oct 11 at Albany Methodist Church, 980 Stannage Ave. Albany (at Marin Ave). The cost is $5 for non-members.
  • Sew Dates start back this month! We meet at the North Berkeley library from 2-5. Oct 20 and November 17 are the next two dates plan. Bring your machine and get ready to get some sewing done!
  • Stitch Modern is already in the works. We put on our first show last year and we are revved up for show number 2. Birgit Hottenrott is heading up this show and is looking for input for show ideas. You can reach her via e-mail or you can check out our Google group (more on that in the post). Our show will be be put up Jan 29 and taken February 24. The Piedmont Center for the Arts is open Fri-Sun from 12-3. The deadline for quilt submissions will be Jan 7. Some ideas for events is a market day (selling our wares), panel discussion for fabric designers, and special speakers. Our opening night will be schedules for February 2 (bring your friends), the family day will be Feb 9 (bring your family). More details to come…
  • The Google Group is still the “best”? way to talk to the group. We know that there are some limitations, but Facebook can lose a post and we don’t want to pay for a service (not really our style). We encourage people to contact Stacey ( to be added to our group. Those already on the group, please delete all past discussion when posting to the group. Thanks:)
  • The Sherri Lynn Woods class was so popular that we may try to do a second one. Allison has done a lot of work to put this together and we are honored to help Sherri spread her knowledge. If another class is possible we will let everyone know ASAP. We look forward to seeing what people do in the workshop!
  • Kristen’s Takakuwa will be putting on another class “The Complete with Improv Piecing”, a great class for beginners. Students should know how to thread their machine and sew a straight line, but not much else is required. Tell your friends!!
  • Quilter’s Quest 2012 is coming up and New Pieces will be one of the shops participating shops. It’s a great time and a good excuse to check out local shops.

August Meeting – Welcome Back Stacey!!!

After many months of our humble guild following me as I blindly stumbled through a leadership role, Stacey triumphantly returned home and took her rightful place as our leader. Her first order of business was asking me to take the meeting notes for the blog. Thanks for having faith in me and welcome back:)

  • Sew, let’s get into it! First up – QUILTCON!! I know myself and many of you got up early Thursday morning to register (or get put on a wait list) for classes and lecture passes. According to their site, QuiltCon has workshops and lecture passes left. Our guild is one of the many sponsoring guilds so contact me, Lauren,  ( for our guild’s discount code.
  • Our guild’s sew days at the North Berkeley library will be continuing through the fall. We will not have a sew day in September but we will have on Oct 20 and Nov 17 from 2 PM – 5 PM Join us for a few hours of sewing, laughing, and an all around good time:)
  • If you haven’t heard, our guild has a Google group that you can join to find out all the cool stuff happening between meetings. This is a more intimate setting for conversations than our Facebook page. We also have a bay area modern guild calendar to find out all the modern quilt/other quilt happening in the area (everything from cool shows to cool classes). Please contact Stacey ( for details.
  • East Bay Heritage Quilters (EBHQ) are having a Modern Quilting Meetup the second Thursday of the month, 6:30-9Pm. The dates are  September 13, October 11, November 8, and December 13.  The meetup will be held at Albany Methodist Church, 980 Stannage Ave. Albany (at Marin Ave). It will be an evening of quilting inspiration, tricks, tips and creative fun. Work spaces will be available. A light supper will also be provided by EBHQ members. Bring a quilt to Show & Tell – $5 at the door or EBHQ members free. BRING A FRIEND!
  • Allison is still working on a workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood (who has three SOLD OUT workshops at QuiltCon). Please let her Allsion know (via the Google group or Facebook) if you are interested. The workshop will be in October for a great price!! Stay tuned for details on date, time, and location.
  • If you’re in the Bay area, C&T Publishing is having its Annual Warehouse Sale on Saturday, September 8th. There will be books and products from C&T & Stash Books for quilt making, fiber arts, needle arts, mixed-media and paper crafts, as well as magazines and fabric, for sale priced from $2 to $5 (original retail prices are up to $29.95!). They open for resellers with valid resale license from 9:00am – 11:00 am and to the general public from 11:00- 3:00. The address is 1651 Challenge Drive, Concord, California.
  • C/T publishing is currently accepting submissions for a “Celebrating Amish Quilts” book. The deadline is September 30. All types of quilts are welcome as long as they are traditional Amish or Amish inspired.
  • San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles is accepting submissions for their Fiber Shots benefit. The special exhibit features quilts 15×15 and will sell for $100. The proceeds go to benefit the Museum.
  • Our own Claudia, will be one of the fabric artists who will be part of a traveling show “Women Who Broke the Rules”. Her quilt honors Rachel Carson who write the ground breaking book Silent Spring. Claudia’s double sided quilt  will be with 20 other 18″ x 24″ pieces honoring women from all walks of life. Congrats to Claudia and her amazing piece!!!
  • Another of our members Claire Sherman, won an essay contest in the August/September 2012 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter. The subject was “Why I love my quilt guild” Sadly, it wasn’t about us, but the essay is worth reading and all the submissions remind us how important reaching out to the quilting community can be.

I feel like I am forgetting something…I guess that is what the comment section is for;)

July Meeting – A lot went on…

Sew, we had a lot of stuff to go over in this last meeting. I hope I got it all..let me know if I didn’t.

1. Our sew date went great:) The North Berkeley library is well lit and the staff is friendly. We hope everyone can join us for the next one on August 25 from 2-5. The only complaint I have heard was that there wasn’t enough time!!

2. Deanna Davis (one of our prestigious members) is the President of the East Bay Heritage quilters and she has invited us (and anyone who is interested) to come to the Heritage Quilter’s Modern Quilting Meetup September 13, October 11, November 8, and December 13 (or the 2nd Thursday of each month. The meetings are 6:30 PM – 9 PM at the Albany Methodist Church, 980 Stannage Ave. Albany (at Marin Ave). The description:

Join us for an evening of quilting inspiration, Tricks & Tips and creative fun. Work space available. Light supper provided by EBHQ members. Bring a quilt to Show & Tell. $5 at the door or EBHQ members free. BRING A FRIEND!

For more information visit the Heritage Guild page (or check out our Google group).

3. There is talk about having a Sherri Lyn Woods workshop at New Pieces for our guild members. Please checkout the Facebook page or Google group to let us know what you would like to do. It would be a one to two day class for about $75 per person/per day. The dates would be in September or October.

4. Stitch Modern is coming back!! Our annual event will be taking place at the Piedmont Center for the Arts from January 30 – February 24, 2012. We are looking to expand a little from last year and need ideas to promote the show in the community. We briefly discussed doing postcards to sell and having a sale day. This would help members who are trying to fund QuiltCon. Please contact Birgit if you have any ideas (or check out our Google group).

5. The Quilt San Francisco: Evolution of an Art Form show will be taking place March 9-10 at the San Francisco Design Center. We will be a special exhibit!!! We will be working in partnership with the San Fransisco Quilters Guild to create a layout, participate in promoting (including a table at the show with items of our choice to display/sell), and installing/breaking down our exhibit. We would also like people to consider being “mini docents” to walk people through and talk about our guild and the quilts…kind of exciting! For any questions please contact Allison (or check out our Google group).

6. QUILTCON…need I say more….I will. QuiltCon is coming and many of our guild members are deciding whether to go or not. The cost is high, but the experience will be amazing:) A few things to help defray costs, our guild (or those members who will be going) can get a sponsorship package for $75 which would give the guild members a 10% discount on workshop/conference registration. This decision needs to be made by August 15 for those who need the discount on registration day (August 30).  Another option is fundraising. Birgit mentioned where you can ask people for help to raise money for the trip. Please let us know via our Google group if you have any other fundraising/cost saving ideas.

7. Have I mentioned we have a Google group:) The Google Group is not being utilized as it should. We highly encourage members to join (use this link). Facebook has become difficult since timeline happened and members have good info that they are having trouble sharing.

I think that covers it. On a personal note, my son, Radek, presented his first quilt to the guild  and I could not have been more proud. He may not become an avid quilter but I love that he is open to the creative process. He also really enjoys attention so having everyone’s eyes on him made his day!

Joel will post photos of the meeting soon, A big THANK YOU! to Joel for doing that:)

June Meeting – Still No Stacey…

Happy 4th of July!!! I have finally gotten a moment to sit down and tell everyone what they missed at the last meeting. It was a great time and there were some amazing quilts.

Sew, lets get started:

1. The sew date was a blast. Amelia said that the library people could not have been any nicer and the adjustable height tables were excellent. The biggest complaint…3 hours isn’t enough time when you’re having fun. Our next sew dates are July 28 and August 25. We hope to see you all there!!!

2. Quilt Con is coming!! We are still in talks about going as a group and/or maybe joining with other bay area guilds. Registration is August 30, 2012 and prices should be listed by July 9. If you want to stay connected to what the guild may or may not be doing, please contact Amelia ( about getting onto the Google group.

3. The San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum is having a fundraiser. High Fiber will be October 20 and they are looking for pieces to sell. Textile art pieces priced under $500 (although the $100-$300 price range sells best) are put on sale with a large portion going to the museum. If you are interested in submitting works (up to 15) then check out this link. It would be great to see some modern work represented!!

4. The Pacific International Quilt Show is coming. The deadline for the PIQF  is September 4, 2012 and the New Quilts of Northern California special exhibit entries are due August 10, 2012.

5. Sue Fox, a bay area long arm quilter extraordinaire, is holding an New Location Opening Party July 7 (2525 Eighth St #13C – Sawtooth Building) and an Indoor Yard Sale (2625 Eighth St) on July 7. Not only can you get a great deal on some sewing items, but you can check out her new space. For more information check out this link.

6. The San Francisco Quilters Guild is having their 2013 quilt show and has invited us to show our modern quilts as part of a special exhibit. This would include a volunteer commitment on our part, but we have never shyed away from this type of thing;). The show is the 2nd weekend in March and we will decide if we will participate at our July meeting. If you would like more information please contact Allison Schmidt.

7. We got a lovely thank you from SAVE. They really appreciated our donation and we collected some more fabric for their organization. Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

Thank you to Joel who took pictures, I will update when he gets them on Flickr.  You are awesome Joel:)

May Meeting – sans Stacey

Sew, Stacey is with helping her mother in Virginia and everyone was stuck with me running the meeting. I guess I didn’t do to bad since no one got up and left:)

Anyway, we have a lot to go over so let’s get started.

  • We collected a lot of fabric for SAVE (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments). It is a shelter for people in domestic abuse situations. For sanitary reasons, all new people get a new pillowcase. They get to take the pillow case upon leaving. SAVE needed more fabric and our guild really rose to the challenge…great job everyone!! We will be continuing to collect fabric at the June meeting for anyone who was not able to participate this month.
  • We have summer sew dates scheduled!! June 23, July 28, and August 25 at the North Berkeley Library from 2-5 in community meeting room 3. Bring your machine (and possible a power strip/table top ironing board) and a project. It’s gonna be a great time:)
  • Quilt Con is coming to Austin, TX in February of 2013. Amelia Terry is offering to organize people on Google for those interested in going to Quilt Con. Maybe we could partner with some other bay area guilds and have a big Bay Area group to hang with? Please contact Amelia ( to get on the Google group:)
  • Amelia would also like to have a 3 part viewing of the documentary “Why Quilts Matter“. This would happen in the fall. I only saw a small portion of the the documentary (which is 9 1 hour episodes) and it was fascinating. Stay tuned for more on that.
  • EBMQG’s own Margaret Glendening won the Sew Mama Sew Fat Quarter Idol Round 2 – Meet Me at the Picnic! She won a fat quarter bundle that she designed and Sew Mama Sew sold the same fat quarter bundle with her name on it. The bundles have already sold out, great job Margaret!!
  • Kristen Takakuwa will be doing a beginner’s improv class at New Pieces. It is for all levels, the only prerequisite is being able to thread your machine. This is a great class for a teen or young person. The class is held over 4 Thursdays in August from 6:15 to 8:15 and students will have a finished quilt at the end.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Stacey normally takes pictures and does the blog, but I am not Wonder Woman and technology confuses me…I am not sure how I run my own blog;) Joel was kind enough to take pictures and when he gets them on Flickr I will update the page. Thank you Joel!!!

UPDATE – Thanks to Joel Ignacio for getting the pictures loaded to Flickr. Here is the link to check out the amazing work people brought for show and tell.

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting, March 2012

There were so many beautiful quilts at the March meeting, but before I tell you where to go see them in detail, I have a confession. I must admit that I got a bit busy last month. (I even forgot to wish my Mom a happy birthday, that’s how busy I was – sorry, Mom!)  I was also too busy to post the February meeting notes.  Bad girl!  The guilt has kinda been keeping me up at night, so let me do a little recap of the February meeting real quick. We spent a lot of the meeting discussing our favorite threads and battings.  We also got to take home some samples packs of all the battings offered by Quilter’s Dream Batting.  Thanks, QD!

Because I know you’re dying to know, here’s the list of favorites:

  • Joel – Fairfield batting
  • Kristen – Sulky rayon thread, Warm & Natural batting
  • Asija – Nature Fill Bamboo batting
  • Cyn – Aurifill 50 wt thread, for machine quilting she likes Superior King Tut thread, for hand quilting it’s YLI and Kinkame silk thread.  She’s also a fan of Thread Heaven to prevent hand quilting thread snarls.
  • Dan R. – Warm & Natural battting, Aurafill threads (50 wt for peicing, 40 wt for quilting, 20 wt for topstitching on denim)
  • Terri – Warm & Natural batting, Gutermann poly for peicing, King Tut for machine quilting, Gutermann silk for hand piecing
  • Allison – King Tut for quilting, Mettler for piecing
  • Dan – Gutermann Sew All thread
  • Claudia – Quilter’s Dream Cotton Request batting, Aurafill thread, Lecein multi-strands
  • Stacey – Warm & Natural and Quilter’s Dream Cotton batting, Gutermann thread

You can see all of the photos from the February meeting over on Flickr.

Whew!  Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can talk about the March meeting!  As I said, there were a bevy of beautiful quilts on display which you can see in great detail on Flickr.  Lots of quilts and projects are coming in using the Daisy Janie fabric line, Shades of Grey.  It’s cool to see all the different colors that are being paired with the grey and white fabrics.

We were also treated to an appearance by Carol Van Zandt who talked about her new fabric line for Andover called Tokyo Rococo.  She came with STACKS of gorgeous fabric to share with the group.  She also talked about how she got the idea for the collection and showed us pieces of the vintage French fabrics that inspired her.

There was so much swag at this meeting as Amelia also brought in bags and bags of vintage textile and quilting books to give away.  So generous!  I would have been hoarding those books on dusty shelves for at least 20 years, if it were me!  As it was, I only came home with about 5.  Inexplicably, I’m attracted to 1970’s books about tablet weaving.  Dusty shelf, here you go.

We also shared a top secret project that the group has been working on.  I can’t talk about it or show pictures of it yet, but it is C.U.T.E!!!!  Perhaps, it will be shown publicly next month?

We discussed the possibility of a group trip to Quilt Con next February.  Wow, it’s difficult to commit to something that far away!  We’re still tossing around ideas.  Amelia has suggested a custom bus with tables in the back for sewing all the way to Austin!

Just a little heads up, the next Stitch Modern Quilt Show will be happening in February of 2013.  We thought we’d give you a little more notice this year!

And finally, congrats to the two EBMQ members who had quilts accepted to The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase in Houston.  Since there were only 33 quilts accepted from hundreds of applications, this is such a huge honor!

Interested in coming to the next meeting?  Facebook is our events hub, you can see the next meeting over there!

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Notes – November 2012

What an exciting meeting!!! We started off the evening by presenting Dan’s new baby, Ben, with the quilt we made for him.  It was so sweet of him to come to the meeting to receive it personally.

Kim put all the blocks given by guild members together in such a cute way, and Kristen did such a great job (and on such a tight deadline!) with the quilt label.  I (Stacey) did the quilting, but really, that was the easy part!

Ben's quilt label

Great job guys…but keep up that creative, giving spirit.  There are some other tummies around the table that have been getting a bit bigger…and not just because of the Christmas chocolates and macaroons (thanks, Allison and Birgit for the treats!).  New projects are in the works!

Ellen's fabric bonanza from Cathy Heck Studio

Ellen came and gave out stacks and stacks of samples from her new fabric lines, Jumpin’ Monkeys (flannel) and Emma (quilting cotton).  There were lots of ooohs and aaahhs.  The cheater panel with the monkeys is the best!  What a great way to make up a quick baby gift.

Kristen's stack of fabric

Kristen also brought in a bunch of give-away fabric.  Which was quickly devoured.  I think I only got one piece of that!

Well, I guess that’s okay, because the lovely and generous Jan DiCintio from Daisy Janie is sending us some wonderful organic fabrics for our next challenge!  Sadly, the box was sitting in the UPS warehouse in San Pablo, and didn’t make it to the meeting this month, but never fear!  We’ve figured out a distribution method and I’ll be writing a separate blog post all about our next challenge in about a week.

We're busy reading Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts from Lark Publishing

We also shared the new book that Lark Publishing so generously donated to our fledgeling EBMQ library.  Thank you, Lark Books!  It’s called Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts, and perhaps someone will use it to make doll quilts for East Bay Modern’s first quilt show, Stitch Modern.

Did you just read that?  EAST BAY MODERN QUILT GUILD IS DOING A QUILT SHOW!  Thanks to the massive efforts of Birgit and Sharona, this show is going to happen!  The show will be called Stitch Modern, and held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts from February 1-12, 2012. If you are interested in submitting a quilt, you must be a member of the East Bay Modern or Bay Modern Quilt Guilds.  Entry fee is $25 and the deadline is Jan. 5th.  In order to gain access to the entry form, ask to join the Stitch Modern Flickr Group.  This will be the central location for all things Stitch Modern!  Questions?  You can e-mail me for more info: eastbaymodern(at)

We will have another blog post with all the details about the show and all the festivities around it in mid-January.

The January meeting will be held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts in order to install the show.  Remember, there is no December meeting – Happy Holidays!

If you’d like to see more photos from the November meeting, head over to Flickr to check out how fun the meeting was and see just how talented our members are!

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November 2012 Meeting

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Notes, October 2011

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and just hit the high points of the meeting.  That way, I might actually this finished!  To see more, check out the photos over on Flickr.*

  • The big news is that EBMQ is having our first quilt show!  The show will be held in Piedmont during the first 2 weeks of February.   This will mean that we won’t get to be post-holiday lazy and we WILL need to do some WORK during January.  Entries are on a first come, first placed basis.  So, if you want to enter, come to the November meeting with a checkbook!  For more details, stay tuned here and to the EBMQ Facebook page.  Thanks to Birgit for taking so much initiative here!
  • For those of you Flickr users who aren’t already members, East Bay Modern has a group, so join up!  There’s also groups for our past challenges, Habitat and Robert Kaufman solids.
  • There seems to be some difficulty for people interested in coming to our meetings as to how to find out when they will be held.  The answer is that they are always on the last Tuesday of the month and Sharona, the owner of New Pieces Quilt Shop, generously lets us use the class-room at the back of her store.  Thanks, Sharona!  Meetings start at 6:15 and go on until about 8:30 or 9.  You can always find out about the next meeting by checking under the “Events” section on the Facebook page.  (You can see this page, even if you’re not a Facebook member or user.)
  • If you’re interested in learning how to do long arm quilting, you can now take a class over at California Quilt Machines (8705 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, California, 95624, 855-685-2645).  Alison is going to try it out and report back…unless I beat her to it!  They don’t have a web page yet, but they do have a fax machine.  (Did you hear the sarcasm there?)
  • The Quilter’s Quest Bay Area shop hop is on.  Don’t you need more fabric?  I know I do!  Get more info here:
*I apologize if I forgot or got your name wrong – that’s what happens when I wait a couple weeks before typing up the notes!  I promise to try to do better next month.

See you in November!