Stitch Modern 2014 – Quilt Registration

Indeed, it is that time of year again, time to fill out your form and submit your quilt to the Stitch Modern quilt show.  This is our Third Annual show, and we hope to make it even more successful than our past events.  With that in mind, we are trying to plan ahead a little bit and encourage you to fill out your form as soon as possible.

You can find and fill out the form here, and don’t forget to submit photos to our Stitch Modern Flickr pool while you’re at it.  We need some photos of your submitted work for promo materials.  Photos DO NOT have to be of completed nor even quilted quilts.

C’mon, everybody, let’s get this SHOW ON THE ROAD!  Woot!  Show submissions due by January 15th.

p.s.  Please read the form, and follow ALL instructions.  FYI – Quilts without hanging sleeves and rods will not be put in the show.  Consider yourself warned.

Community Day for Stitch Modern 2014

Calling all scraps!

We have two main activities planned for Community Day (aka Kid’s Day). We will repeat the card making idea using random fabric scraps. People can play around with design and will get to go home with their own hand made card. We will provide blank card stock and some cards with simple shapes printed on them to provide the younger ones a guide.

We would also like to continue with the community theme by donating a quilt to a charity. Here, we will have pre-cut squares and rectangles that people can use to build a 12 inch block. If we have enough pre-cuts then we would like to have this be an ongoing project during all gallery hours. At the end of the show, all blocks will be assembled into a quilt and donated.

To make this a success, we need your help! If you are able to, please bring to the next meeting on November 26 any of the following:
-fabric cut into 3.5 inch squares and 6.5 inch squares.
-fabric cut into 3.5 x 6.5 inch rectangles and 3.5 x 12.5 inch rectangles.
-If you don’t have the time to do the pre-cuts, but have some scraps large enough, please bring it in! We have people willing to do the cutting!
-batting cut into 12.5 inch squares for people to build their blocks on.
-I have found that we do have lots of fabric scraps for the cards, but we could use more novelty prints to make the cards more fun for the younger crowd. Any size is ok.
-an easel.

If you are not able to come to the meeting, but would like to donate, please let us know!

Meeting Notes: August

C&T Publishing are having a sale! For this weekend only, they are having their online Summer Sizzler Blowout Sale. Then for those in the area, on Sept. 7th they are having their annual warehouse sale. It’s a great deal, so make sure you check it out.

The date for the retreat has been finalized for the weekend of Oct. 25! If you are a member of EBMQG and would like to go, please leave a comment on our google group under the thread RETREAT. Don’t have access to the google group and you’re a member? Leave a comment here and we will followup with you!

The Modern Quilt Guild is now open for individual membership!

A new quilt store is now open in Novato! Quilt Elegance is located in the beautiful Bel Marin Keys, but they have an online shop for those out of the area. They are able to carry high quality quilting cottons at $7.99/ yd! They carry all sorts of things to finish your projects and classes are available as well. Please support a local business and check them out!

One of our members, Pati, is now a contributor to the wonderful blog, See How We Sew. Her first blog contribution is a fascinating look in her block experiment. My favorite is the Jack’s Delight block in round 3!

Patterns Gone Digital came highly recommended for those of you thinking of getting into the pattern business.

Stitch Modern is just around the corner and we need to get planning! For those that want to participate in the process, please let us know. We will need people to finalize and organize events. Some ideas that were brought up:

  1. Publishing a book and authors forum.
  2. Selling on Etsy/ quilting as a business forum.
  3. Include local fabric stores with a shop hop.
  4. Kid day events.
  5. Do demos.

Meeting Notes: July

Hi there! We know it’s been awhile, but we’ve continued to meet on the last Tuesday of the month in our new location at A Verb For Keeping Warm! Here are the highlights of our July meeting.

Stacey has once again offered her cabin up for a quilting retreat this Fall. Current available weekend dates are: Sept 14 and 24, Oct 5 and 19th. The cabin can accommodate about 8 sewists. If you are a member of EBMQG and want to join, please let her know by either leaving a comment here or on the google group thread on which dates are good for you. She will schedule a weekend that hopefully accommodates the most people.

Our third annual quilt show, Stitch Modern, takes place in February. Birgit is in the process of finalizing the dates with the Piedmont Center of the Arts. Please think about what you would like to enter! Anyone who has attended at least two meetings is eligible to enter a quilt. Please note that we don’t meet in December and typically set up the show during our January meeting. We will likely have requests for submissions in October/ November. Please stay tuned!

Piedmont Center for the Arts is holding another quilt show, Interpreted Inspiration, the weekend of August 16-18th. They also have a call for artist submissions for the upcoming juried show, Return to Simplicity. We would love to see a quilt in the show! Deadline for submission is September 2nd!

Tara has a quilt pattern scheduled to be published in the Interweave magazine. She is also working with someone to publish another quilt pattern to sell. Congrats!

East Bay Heritage Quilters continues to welcome us to their modern meet ups!

Margaret holds onto our EBMQG library, please let her know if you’d like to borrow a book.

Lots of recommendations for Leah Day’s website for help with free motion quilting. Also check out her blog, The Free Motion Quilting Project.

Empty Spools Seminars also came highly recommended!

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on August 27th!


East Bay Modern Quilt Guild May 2013 Meeting

May 2013 East Bay Modern Meeting

May 2013 East Bay Modern Meeting

Right now I’m SORELY missing our ex-pat, Lauren, not just because she’s such a great East Bay Modern member, but because she was EXTRA great at writing up the meeting wrap-up blog posts! (I hope you’re having tons of fun over in Japan, Lauren! We miss you!) Enough crying into my keyboard, though. We have quilting to talk about!

Last month we said goodbye, both to Lauren, and also to our meeting location for the past few years, New Pieces in Berkeley. We will all miss Sharona’s wonderful hospitality and thank her so much for putting up with us! Without her and the shop, I’m not sure where this group would be, but I suspect that we would be crammed into the corner of a dirty coffee shop, if anywhere!

This month, we moved over to Oakland to a new kid on the quilt shop block, A Verb for Keeping Warm. Kristine, the owner has stocked her lovely store with all sorts of gorgeous yarns and fabrics to tempt us as we sit and chat.  Since we didn’t have any “guild business” to focus on this month(if you like that kind of stuff, refer to our last few months of meeting notes to get your fill!), we had lots of time for everyone’s favorite, show and tell! I won’t go into detail, but here are a few of the things we touched on during the evening:

You can see lots of eye-candy over on Flickr, but it’s never as fun as coming to a meeting, hearing about the work, and meeting some great people, so if you’re in the area,  come to the next meeting. We’d love to meet you!

Meeting Notes: April 2013

EBMQ April 2013

This is the last meeting that will be held at the New Pieces Quilt Shop! As a thank you to Sharona for hosting our meetings, we gifted a handmade sign to her shop to show how much we appreciate her store and her generosity in letting us hold our meetings there for the past years. Our next several meetings will be held at A Verb For Keeping Warm (AVFKW) on a trial basis. The store is located at 6328 San Pablo Ave, Oakland 94608. We are so grateful to Kristine in giving us this chance to meet at her store. The time has not changed- we will continue to meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Thanks to everyone that filled out our survey. It was helpful to gauge what people are thinking at this time on the various issues that we have currently in our group. Here’s a brief recap on the survey results:

Most of the people who took the survey come to our meetings on a frequent basis and they live in either Berkeley or Oakland/ Piedmont. Most of our members are not affiliated with EBHQ, however many of us do belong to another MQG group. Most people felt that our guild is just the right size with several that think we are getting too big.

Overwhelmingly, people do not want this guild to change and maintaining affiliation  with the MQG is only slightly more important than becoming a SIG with EBHQ. Also, group autonomy was only slightly more important to our members than having the support/ insurance of a larger guild. About 55% of the people who took the survey are willing to be an officer to maintain our status with a larger guild. Meeting like-minded quilters and Show and Tell are the most important aspects that people like in our guild. Our show, Stitch Modern, ranks third in importance.

Most people do not mind paying dues and spending $45 and $55 per year tied at first place as being an acceptable amount someone would be willing to pay for membership dues. If dues were collected, people wanted it to be used for the meeting location. However, workshops and guest speakers rank 2nd and 3rd in importance. Other ideas for using the money include covering our basic costs, philanthropic ventures and that we fund for all items listed in the survey. Overwhelmingly, the most important extra event that people wanted the guild to support is our show, Stitch Modern. Guest lectures and workshops rank 2nd and 3rd in importance.

The most important aspect in a new meeting location is parking, followed by the ability to display quilts and adequate room for current group size.

Last year we started Sew Days, however most people couldn’t attend due to the time it was offered and of prior commitments. It appears that all day Sunday would be a better time for the most people.

Many people contributed additional comments and the most frequent point made is that they love the way this guild is currently run, especially our informal and friendly atmosphere. The most common complaints include needing a larger space to meet, needing better electronic communication, and poor viewing of quilts/ speakers due to space limitations and/ or how we are set up around the tables. The most common reasons people like EBMQG include our autonomy and doing what we want, Stitch Modern, and Show and Tell.

It’s a lot to consider in regards to all the issues (meeting location, joining MQG, or joining EBHQ) that our guild is currently facing. Obviously there will be a lot of changes up ahead so please keep an open mind and let’s continue the conversation at our next meeting!

And last, but not least, we said our goodbyes to Lauren with an after meeting party at Picante. We will miss her wonderful personality and presence at our meetings, but we wish her lots of fun (and fabric) in Japan!

Please show your support and check out these upcoming events!

May 8th – June 9th

32nd Annual Quilt Show at the Central Berkeley Library on the second floor.

May 20th

Our member, Joel, will be a featured quilter at the next EBHQ meeting. There is a $5 charge to attend the meeting if you are not a member.

February Meeting Notes

Spring is here and can you believe how quickly winter went??!! This was our first meeting since November (technically we had a January meeting, but we used it hanging Stitch Modern) and we had a lot to go over.

First off…

STITCH MODERN WAS A SUCCESS!!! We had a really good showing at our second annual quilt show. Stacey wrote up a good review in another post which you can check out here. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!! Now, time to start planning for next year;)

If you missed the talk at A Verb for Keeping Warm about Rabari Applique or you were there and want to learn more, Kristine Vejar is having a class at her shop on March 24. For more information check out this link.

Tony Fisher, the marketing and community relations person at Healdsburg Senior Living, has invited our guild to participate in a quilt show. Last year’s show was a big success and they are expecting a bigger turn out this year. The show will be Saturday April 13 from 9 am to 4 pm at Healdsburg Senior Living. They would like 6-10 (depending on size) quilts that would hang from lines (so no hanging sleeve required). There will be prize money involved. Please think about if you are interested in hanging a quilt in this show and if you are available to volunteer that day. Here is a link to last years show.

QuiltCon was awesome!!! Several of our guild members attended and had a great time…maybe too good a time?! Three of members had quilts hanging, Joel Ignacio’s “Decoded Paragraph”, Dan Rouse’s “Hurle Burle Marx”, andf “Terri Carpenter’s Flock of Starlings”. Not only did Terri get in, but she won!!!! She placed first in Piecing, Small Category. Good job everyone!!!! (If you want to see the all the winning quilts check out  here and here) If you missed the fun you can watch the lectures for free on Craftsy!!

Speaking of awesome and talented guild members, our own Kim Anderson is a finalist in Repeat(Ed) on The Printed Bolt. She will be competing in a series of challenges with fabric design. Great Job and we look forward to seeing your creations, Kim!!!

We have a block challenge for our guild members. This was not discussed at the meeting because we ran out of time and didn’t create it until most everyone left…oops! It started when we got a bundle of super cute fabric, but didn’t have enough for everyone. Our solution is as follows:

1. Create a 12″ block that describes you. This may be simple piecing, paper piecing, applique…whatever. We just want a block that expresses who you are.

2. Quilt the block as you see fit. This means it must have three layers and can be tied, hand quilted, or quilted by machine…what ever fits you best.

3. Bind the quilted block as you see fit. We are open to creativity on this. You can do a traditional binding or a zig zag/serging stitch.

4. Bring the block to the March EBMQG meeting to share and be entered in a drawing for a fat quarter bundle! It is just that easy!!

Feel free to post your block progress in our Flickr and check out this link for more information.

This weekend is the San Fransisco Quilter Guild show Evolution of an Art Form in which we will have a special exhibit. The show is Saturday, March 9 from 10:00 – 5:00 and Sunday, March 10 10:00 – 4:00 at the Concourse Exhibition Center 635 – 8th Street, San Francisco.

You do not need to volunteer to have a quilt hanging, but any help would be really appreciated. Set up will be Friday at 11. We will be hanging out show. We need volunteers during the show to answer question and hang out by our quilts. We would take everything down on Sunday at 4. There are more details in our Google group.

If you want to have a quilt in the show please register it here. We need to know how much room we need so please do this ASAP!!! Also, make sure that your quilt will have transportation to the show and a hanging rod.

For more information please join check out our Google group.

Stitch Modern 2013 Wrap Up

The month of February was quilt crazy!  The East Bay Modern Quilt Guild’s second annual show, Stitch Modern, was a huge success.  We hung the show again in the lovely Piedmont Center for the Arts and had so many wonderful quilts that we almost ran out of wall space!


Stitch Modern 2013 Setup

We started the month-long show with a big opening night party and everyone was invited.  The food was almost as amazing as the quilts!

Stitch Modern 2013 Opening Reception

The East Bay Modern Quilt Guild! (At least, all the members we could wrangle into one spot at one time – there are many more that are missing from this photo!)

In conjunction with the show, the guild decided to host some quilt-related events.  We began with a lecture and trunk show by the artist, Sherri Lynn Wood.  She spoke about her work with textiles and her method of improvisational quilting.  Her talk was inspirational and thought-provoking and her presentation was a gorgeous riot of color.  I know that quite a few of us left with new ideas about how to approach our own projects.

Our next event was a Fabric and Textile Panel Discussion with Pati Fried, Jennifer Moore, Sandy Klop, Carol Van Zandt, and Ellen Heck and moderated by Kim Andersson.  It was such a success that we almost ran out of space in the gallery to seat everyone!   It was a great honor having these women come and share their knowledge and experience.  We all learned so much about the design process and some of us even won fabric from the designers!  It was a great afternoon!

The following afternoon, we were back in the gallery for Family Day.  Kids and grown-ups alike stopped by to play with fabric, glitter and glue to make Valentine’s Day cards.  The kids that couldn’t sit still long enough to make a card ran about the gallery on a quilt scavenger hunt.

The next event was a lecture by Kristine Vejar about her work in India studying the appliqué quilts of a nomadic group called Rabari.  She showed us many amazing pictures from her time there and shared her even more amazing Rabari textile collection.  Wow.  The attention to detail in the hand-work is unbelievable.  I can’t wait to take her Rabari appliqué class and give it a try!

Our final event was to host our monthly Sew Saturday in the gallery.  (In case you want to attend in the future, we usually have these meetings at the North Berkeley Public Library.  Check our events listing for specific details!)

If you missed Stitch Modern at the Piedmont Center for the Arts, you can still catch it on March 9 and 10th at the SF Quilt Guild’s annual show at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco.  If you miss it there, you can see what you missed over on the Stitch Modern Flickr group!

Thank you so much to all of the speakers, volunteers, and of course, the makers who all helped to make Stitch Modern 2013 such a spectacular quilt show!

*Most of the photos shown above were taken by Joel Ignacio. Thank you, Joel!

Block Challenge/Fabric Giveaway

My apologies for not discussing this at last night’s meeting…with everything going on, we simply forgot.

We have a challenge for you all that includes a very cool fabric giveaway. It all started at our awesome fabric panel at Stitch Modern which featured a wide array of really talented local fabric designers. One of those designers was Jennifer Moore from Monaluna.


She has a new line out called Modern Home that is super cute. Jennifer explained to us how this line included a lot of herself such as llamas (which were at her wedding), her cat, her home, etc. She gave us fabric to give to our guild memers, but sadly it was not a lot. And while it is tempting for me to just keep it and not say anything, I won’t;) Instead we are proposing this…participate in the challenge for a chance to win some of this super cute fabric!!


So the challenge is this:

1. Create a 12″ block that describes you. Much like Jennifer put herself into her fabric design, we want you to put yourself into your block. This may be simple piecing, paper piecing, applique…whatever. We just want a block that expresses who you are.

2. Quilt the block as you see fit. This means it must have three layers and can be tied, hand quilted, or quilted by machine…what ever fits you best.

3. Bind the quilted block as you see fit. We are open to creativity on this. You can do a traditional binding or a zig zag/serging stitch.

4. Bring the block to the March EBMQG meeting to share and be entered in a drawing for a fat quarter bundle! It is just that easy!!


We look forward to see what you guys come up with! Please keep in mind that this will not be judged, you just have to participate:)

Stitch Modern 2013: Schedule of Events


Stitch Modern, the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild’s 2nd annual quilt exhibit is almost here!  The show will be held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts, where it will be on view to the public during regular gallery hours (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12-3), as well as during Stitch Modern Special Events.

While we are super excited to show you our fresh, new quilts, we will also be hosting a lot of really spectacular textile-related events in conjunction with the show.

Please click on the links below to get more information about each event.

Stitch Modern 2013 Special Events

Feb 2: 6pm – 9pm Opening Reception, Piedmont Center for the Arts

We begin the exhibit by inviting you to our Opening Night Reception.  Everyone is invited to come to this fun, informal party to view the quilts and to meet the artists.  The reception will be held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts .

Feb 5: Lecture: Modern Improv Quilting and Process by Sherri Lynn Wood 7-8:30, Piedmont Center for the Arts, $5 entry fee

Feb 9: Textile Design Panel Discussion and Q&A, featuring Ellen Heck, Pati Fried, Sandy Klop, Jennifer Moore, Carol Van Zandt and moderated by Kim Andersson 12:30-1:30, Piedmont Center for the Arts

Feb 10: Family Activity Day including quilting and design demos 12:00-2:30, Piedmont Center for the Arts

Feb 13: Lecture: Threads of Transition, Patterns of Change: Rabari Appliquéd Textiles of India a lecture by Kristine Vejar 7-8:30, **To be held at A Verb for Keeping Warm**

Feb 16: Sew SaturDay with East Bay Modern Quilt Guild 12-3, Piedmont Center for the Arts

Handmade Market – Held during most special events, Piedmont Center for the Arts. Our members have tons of talent and will be selling an assortment of handmade items at some of the special events – so make sure to bring your wallet in case you see a one of a kind item that you can’t live without!

All of these events are open to the public and most are free of charge. We hope you’ll join us and find out why we are SO EXCITED about quilting!

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