Amish: The Modern Muse Part II Is Now Open!

Although there was a little delay in the opening, Amish: The Modern Muse Part II at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is now open with a whole new batch of fresh and fun, Amish inspired modern quilts and I’ve been told it looks fabulous!

If you’re a member of the East Bay Modern Quilters and would like to go to San Jose to check out the show with us, we’ll be doing a carpool on February 28th – check the google group for more info!

Modern Quilt Guild Field Trip to Berkeley Rose Garden

We had so much fun at the Berkeley Rose Garden with our quilts!  The pictures almost speak for themselves…

Still, I have to add in that I just loved having Lauren’s kids along for the event.

They were so friendly and interested in what we were doing.

They wanted to see the quilts and photograph the quilts. And they wanted us to WATCH them – well, Rad did, anyway!  Zeke wanted to participate, but in his own 2-almost-3-year-old fashion.

It was also nice to see each other out in the world, have a moment to chat in the way that is hard to do when you’re chatting to 15 people at the same time.

And… the day was gorgeous!  What a gift after all the dark rainy days that led up to our outting!

I hope we get to do it again this summer. Lauren came in with a huge stack of finished quilts (of course!); Margaret brought her two from the last meeting; and Joel brought his smile and his camera.

I managed to FINISH my pink rose quilt the day before, and then I had to make do with showing two tops in progress.  That was fine by me.  A quilter’s work is never done!

Is there anything sweeter?