Meeting Notes: April 2013

EBMQ April 2013

This is the last meeting that will be held at the New Pieces Quilt Shop! As a thank you to Sharona for hosting our meetings, we gifted a handmade sign to her shop to show how much we appreciate her store and her generosity in letting us hold our meetings there for the past years. Our next several meetings will be held at A Verb For Keeping Warm (AVFKW) on a trial basis. The store is located at 6328 San Pablo Ave, Oakland 94608. We are so grateful to Kristine in giving us this chance to meet at her store. The time has not changed- we will continue to meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Thanks to everyone that filled out our survey. It was helpful to gauge what people are thinking at this time on the various issues that we have currently in our group. Here’s a brief recap on the survey results:

Most of the people who took the survey come to our meetings on a frequent basis and they live in either Berkeley or Oakland/ Piedmont. Most of our members are not affiliated with EBHQ, however many of us do belong to another MQG group. Most people felt that our guild is just the right size with several that think we are getting too big.

Overwhelmingly, people do not want this guild to change and maintaining affiliation  with the MQG is only slightly more important than becoming a SIG with EBHQ. Also, group autonomy was only slightly more important to our members than having the support/ insurance of a larger guild. About 55% of the people who took the survey are willing to be an officer to maintain our status with a larger guild. Meeting like-minded quilters and Show and Tell are the most important aspects that people like in our guild. Our show, Stitch Modern, ranks third in importance.

Most people do not mind paying dues and spending $45 and $55 per year tied at first place as being an acceptable amount someone would be willing to pay for membership dues. If dues were collected, people wanted it to be used for the meeting location. However, workshops and guest speakers rank 2nd and 3rd in importance. Other ideas for using the money include covering our basic costs, philanthropic ventures and that we fund for all items listed in the survey. Overwhelmingly, the most important extra event that people wanted the guild to support is our show, Stitch Modern. Guest lectures and workshops rank 2nd and 3rd in importance.

The most important aspect in a new meeting location is parking, followed by the ability to display quilts and adequate room for current group size.

Last year we started Sew Days, however most people couldn’t attend due to the time it was offered and of prior commitments. It appears that all day Sunday would be a better time for the most people.

Many people contributed additional comments and the most frequent point made is that they love the way this guild is currently run, especially our informal and friendly atmosphere. The most common complaints include needing a larger space to meet, needing better electronic communication, and poor viewing of quilts/ speakers due to space limitations and/ or how we are set up around the tables. The most common reasons people like EBMQG include our autonomy and doing what we want, Stitch Modern, and Show and Tell.

It’s a lot to consider in regards to all the issues (meeting location, joining MQG, or joining EBHQ) that our guild is currently facing. Obviously there will be a lot of changes up ahead so please keep an open mind and let’s continue the conversation at our next meeting!

And last, but not least, we said our goodbyes to Lauren with an after meeting party at Picante. We will miss her wonderful personality and presence at our meetings, but we wish her lots of fun (and fabric) in Japan!

Please show your support and check out these upcoming events!

May 8th – June 9th

32nd Annual Quilt Show at the Central Berkeley Library on the second floor.

May 20th

Our member, Joel, will be a featured quilter at the next EBHQ meeting. There is a $5 charge to attend the meeting if you are not a member.

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild – Meeting 3/29/2011

Hey, our March meeting is tomorrow night! We’ll be meeting at New Pieces Quilt Shop in Berkeley, CA, from 6:30-8:30 pm on Tuesday, 3/29/2011. We have an open membership… the only thing required is that you like to sew!

Our group goes from beginners to some pretty darn skilled sewists.  We bring an item for show-n-tell, and we do a lot of show/tell/chatting.  It’s fun and casual.  If you’ve been thinking about dropping in to check it out, this would be a great meeting to come to.

We’ll also be showing our Robert Kaufman Kona Dusty Palette challenge pieces.  The challenge was named “nametag” challenge, but I’ve seen some full-quilt rumors out there on the ‘net!

Here’s a peek at what we might see in person.  Click on the image to go to that member’s blog post for the stories behind the quilts:

KT Seams - Kaufman Challenge Quilt

LIttle Blue Bell Sprinkles

Lauren - I want to cut you - Robert Kaufman

And… Stacey posted this cool Etsy article on quilt labels… in case you’d like to personalize your quilt before tomorrow! How to Make a Quilt Label.

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild November Meeting Notes

Wow! I don’t know what it is about the holiday season, but so many new people showed up for this meeting! For the first time ever we had to use name tags! Welcome to all the new people and we hope you enjoyed our little (or not so little!) group. Thanks also to Sharona, and New Pieces Quilt Store for hosting the meeting and providing some yummy treats.

1. East Bay Modern November Meeting, 2. East Bay Modern November Meeting, 3. East Bay Modern November Meeting, 4. Adrianne’s quilt for her daughter, 5. Adrianne’s quilt for Project Modern, 6. Adrianne’s quilt for Project Modern, 7. Birgit’s Turkey embroidery project, 8. Some Swiss fabric from Birgit, 9. Adrianne’s quilt for her daughter, 10. Deanna’s Quilt, 11. Deanna’s quilt – Elephants in Africa, 12. Deanna’s cute satin pj’s, 13. Dan’s hand-embroidered quilt tag, 14. Kristen’s advent calendar, 15. The back of Dan’s quilt., 16. Linda’s baby quilt, 17. Edith’s hand-quilted triangles back, 18. One of the quilts created for Deanna’s Children’s Quilts project, 19. Linda’s baby quilt, 20. Edith’s hand-quilted triangles front, 21. Sharona’s journal quilts, 22. Cyn’s hand beading on her yoga quilt, 23. Treats!, 24. Dan’s gorgeous quilt, 25. Deanna’s Ipad cover made by her daughter, 26. Dan’s gorgeous quilt, 27. Cyn’s hand beading on her yoga quilt, 28. Bari’s bag that started it all!, 29. Janis’ large felted bag (by Susan Hagen), 30. Quilt kits for Deanna’s Children’s Quilts project, 31. Cyn’s bird applique, 32. Stacey’s peppermint quilt top, 33. Edith’s hand-tied baby quilt, 34. Sharona’s lantern quilt, 35. Kristen’s sashiko runner

So, I just spent the evening writing up a long and detailed description of the meeting…clicked over to work on the photos…and “poof”  all gone except the opening paragraph.  What happened?  Don’t know, but I can’t face writing it again! Instead of doing it all over, I’m just going to put little commentaries under the pictures of Flickr.  Click on the link below the photos to see the full sized picture.

Also, a quick list of links to things discussed:

I will be working on setting up a mailing list and will let you know where to sign up once that’s finished.

There will be no meeting during the month of December, but we’ll get back together again on the last Tuesday of January.  Bring along a project that has gone horribly awry.  We want to see all those big mistakes, or little ones, or even mistakes that ended up making the piece better.  Or you can bring along something beautiful and perfect.  It’s up to you!

One of the main topics of conversation at the meeting was what separates “modern” quilters from other types of quilters.  I invite you to leave comments below as to why you identify as  “modern” quilter.  I’m so interested in reading the responses!