Endless possibilities

Look at these colors and tell me you don’t have visions.

Kona cotton solids (mostly)

Okay, granted I picked these out so maybe you don’t have as many visions as I do.  But still, the potential just boggles my mind.  Even with all this I still went out and bought another orange, a blue, and a lighter pink.  I am following Sherri Lynn Wood’s quilt along  from her blog Dainty Time (although it is long done and over by now) for the Mod Mood quilt.  I decided to do three colorways: blue, green and orange and even sketched a draft of my vision.  The funny thing about her quilt along is, you are supposed to be driven by your mood.  I don’t totally subscribe to this for two reasons.  One, by the time I pick a colorway, cut it, sew it, a week has passed by and I have had dozens of moods throughout that process – so there is a separation from my mood and the “mood” of the quilt colors.  Second, I just pick things I like. I know there are “passive” and “active” colors and all that. Wood describes in detail in her blog.  Dang it though, I just don’t feel it and hope at least that it comes out looking like “me” and has my sense of style to it.

Two nights ago I started with the turquoise/blue pieces and afterwards I came to appreciate some comments discussed at our last EBMQG meeting.  It just doesn’t sing to me.  It’s fine but I’m not impressed as it shows so far.  Forge ahead, I will, but it’s a little bit … boring?

Blue colorway wedges

It must be one of those moments we talked about where you just force yourself to continue on.  The colors also seemed to be a bit too contrasting – what does that say about my mood?  Bi-polar?

The good little quilter voice in the back of my head echoed to me… it’s improvisational…don’t think too much (I nearly always over-think these projects)… ahh, yes, that’s why I love improvisational quilts so MUCH, right?? Over-thinking rarely fosters progress, instead it keeps me running in circles. With that said: Cut without rulers, just sew one wedge to the next without thinking about it, enjoy the process and repeat…

Tonight begins a new colorway, how exciting!