East Bay Modern Quilt Guild – Meeting 3/29/2011

Hey, our March meeting is tomorrow night! We’ll be meeting at New Pieces Quilt Shop in Berkeley, CA, from 6:30-8:30 pm on Tuesday, 3/29/2011. We have an open membership… the only thing required is that you like to sew!

Our group goes from beginners to some pretty darn skilled sewists.  We bring an item for show-n-tell, and we do a lot of show/tell/chatting.  It’s fun and casual.  If you’ve been thinking about dropping in to check it out, this would be a great meeting to come to.

We’ll also be showing our Robert Kaufman Kona Dusty Palette challenge pieces.  The challenge was named “nametag” challenge, but I’ve seen some full-quilt rumors out there on the ‘net!

Here’s a peek at what we might see in person.  Click on the image to go to that member’s blog post for the stories behind the quilts:

KT Seams - Kaufman Challenge Quilt

LIttle Blue Bell Sprinkles

Lauren - I want to cut you - Robert Kaufman

And… Stacey posted this cool Etsy article on quilt labels… in case you’d like to personalize your quilt before tomorrow! How to Make a Quilt Label.


Fabric Exchange! January 25, 2011

At our next East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we’re supposed to bring a quilt/sewing project that just… did… not… work… out!  I have mine!  go here for meeting logistics>>

We also thought it’d be fun to have an impromptu fabric exchange.  Nothing formal, just bring a couple pieces from your stash that could use a new home.  If you don’t have any extras, don’t sweat it.  There will still be lots to share!

We really don’t have rules about the exchange, but courtesy would be: natural fabrics only, large pieces (say, “fat quarter’ish” – no scraps), and plan to take home a few less than you brought.

Leftovers will be donated to the Children’s Quilt Project.

Here are a few snapshots of the fabrics I’ll be bringing for the EBMQG fabric exchange… that is, if they don’t somehow demand to be sewn first!  I had a few more pieces in the give-away bin last week, but they got drafted into capes for 2 New Year’s Eve costumes!

East Bay Modern October 2010 Meeting

We came, we saw, we talked!  Oh yeah, and we ate!  Thanks to Sharona, we had some lovely new digs for our meeting: New Pieces Quilt Shop!  It was quite a change from our former spot at the coffee shop, and quite an improvement.  Although the photos from the meeting will lack that coffee shop “ambiance,” we were able to spread out, get comfy and actually see the hand-work we brought while we ate the goodies brought by different members of the group.  (That reminds me, I still have a mini-Butterfinger in my purse, mmmmm.)

The downside of this wonderfully relaxed and fun meeting was that I was so busy having a good time chatting and quilting, that I didn’t take any notes!  But, I did take some pictures.  You can see them below, or you can always check out the action on our Flickr group.  East Bay Modern members are encouraged to join and upload your pictures.

If you missed the meeting, don’t worry, we’re meeting again on the last Tuesday of November at 6:30 again at New Pieces.  That will be our last formal group meeting of the year. So, come in November and get some work done on those handmade Christmas presents while hanging out with a lot of beautiful fabric and some pretty cool people! …or you’ll have to wait until January to meet us…

 East Bay Modern October Meeting Mosaic

PIQF 2010 – one perspective

I stole away yesterday afternoon to revel in the glory of PIQF 2010!  I took some snapshots of quilts that represented ideas that I’m most interested in.  In no way do my photos represent what one might consider “best of” or any such judgment.  I just thought it could be fun to share some of the beautiful, fun, and innovative quilts from my perspective.

I didn’t catch all the artist names, so you may have to just go yourself to see who made ’em!

Color and Piecing

Okay, Mary Mashuta’s signature is so strong, you don’t have to look at the tag to know this is hers.  How does she make buttons and ric rac and crochet work look sophisticated?? I think it must be the precision – both in form and in color choices.  I went back to study this one 3 times.. particularly the binding.  Amazing.

And Roberta Horton, Mary’s sister… kinda challenging one’s ides about composition and color choices, I think.

This artist says she loves polka dots.  She makes me love them too – even if just for a PIQF fling!

I loved this color palette.   I found it aggressive and daring, yet synchronous.

More ways to think about color and fabric choices.

This one is even more of a stunner in person.  The powers of concentration involved… wow.  So many careful decisions about the color green and so many beautiful stitches!

I had to do a double-take on this one.  Lent by the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, it is from 1890, and it looks just as fresh as the quilts made in 2009.  Loved the textures of the fabrics!

Innovation, Invention, Plus a Dose of Whimsy

I can’t help but seek out the quilts that show the artist’s heart as well as her (his??) hand.  These are just a few that got me thinking about new perspectives and techniques.

This was one of the few that featured hand-stitching, which is, of course, near and dear to my heart.  I also loved the imaginary perspective, the palette, and the willingness of the artist to just “make it work,” rather than get wound around technical skill issues.

Ah, the fantasy, balance and flow of the wisteria.  Wistful…

A playful yet mysterious and dark take on the owl & the pussycat.

And… the beekeeper.  This one’s for my brother.  He loves real bees.  I love symbolic bees… they promise fertility.

Humor Me

Okay, that’s not a real category!  But this did strike my funnybone.  I bought this piece of Robert Kaufman fabric from the fat quarter section at New Pieces last week.  I’m really not a fabric name-dropper.  But I bought this because I loved the hand, and I thought a little black and gold might create a good contrast with all my hand-painted fabrics.  As I bought it, I reminded myself, “Cyn, this will always be very 2009-2010.”

Well, walking around PIQF, I saw two other quilters who’d used the fabric beautifully!  I guess the challenge is on…!