We will no longer be meeting at Bay Quilts

Stacey posted this on Facebook:
Stacey Sharman

I just got word from Sally at Bay Quilts that they are changing their hours, so won’t be able to host us on alternate monthly Tuesdays any longer. We are happy to continue hosting the meetings at Hello Stitch, but are also welcome to other suggestions. We can discuss more at the meeting (at Hello Stitch) on February 27!

This is from me (Claire) now. I wrote this down at our January meeting for people who didn’t make it to the meeting. We discussed that Stitch Modern isn’t happening this year. No one has done any work on it yet, and we still don’t have insurance. We hope we will have it a year from now. The February meeting is at Hello stitch, see above.

Here are a couple of photos from the meeting:


photo 1[4321].JPG

photo 2[4323].JPG

The quilts on the walls are by Sujata Shah who gave a talk for us at Stitch Modern a few years ago.


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