East Bay Modern Meeting Notes – August, 2011

It used to be that I would get home from an EBMQ meeting and type up my notes right away.  Or by the next morning, at the latest.  Well…it’s been about 2 weeks now since our last meeting, and I’m just now getting around to getting the pictures and notes on the blog.  Sorry!!!  Even more pathetic than that, is the notes I actually took at the meeting.  Just a couple of words on a notepad because I was sure I’d remember everything that happened and I was going to type this up before I could forget.  Well, it sure is a good thing I took some pictures to remind myself of all the fun!

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting, August 2011

We had a lot of new faces this month.  I apologize again for my bad note-taking if I get your names wrong in the pictures.  Please leave a comment to correct me!  Also, if you’re a Flickr user, please feel free to tag yourself and your work in the photos.

Lots of people brought in their finished or almost finished Jay McCarroll Habitat challenge projects.  There were also some Robert Kaufman Charm Square quilts shown.  Some amazing work, people!

A couple of other points raised at the meeting:

  • For newbies: The best place to find information and interact with other East Bay Modern members in-between meetings is on the Facebook page.  The blog features posts by members and meeting notes as well as a super map of all the fabric stores in the Bay Area, but it’s on the Facebook page that all the day to day chatter happens.
  • East Bay Modern Lending Library – one of our newer members, Danielle, has donated some books for us.  Anyone interested in making donations/heading up the library?
  • What’s a Thangle?
  • C&T/Stash Publishing – some great books!
  • Karrie showed us her quilt for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative and lots of folks were interested in making their own.  Here’s what you can do!
  • Just Announced!  Modern Quilts at the International Quilt Festival! Let’s see how many East Bay Modern quilts we can get into the show!

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