Just in time for Thanksgiving…

The Sugar & Spice apron completed, and entered into the Tie One On apron challenge “Apple Cider”. I’d hoped to complete it and then also be able to wear it for Thanksgiving. Mission accomplished! The self-portrait photography was quite a challenge, but I managed (and in the meantime wasted an hour) to get something I liked. The sewing was fairly simple for me but I did learn a new skill, covered buttons! It’s quite a pleasure to have custom buttons that REALLY match or don’t match as you see fit. Covering buttons is easy, but definitely one of those things where practice makes perfect. My first button wasn’t quite as neat & tidy as the second.

Sugar & Spice Apron

The apple applique pocket is a little too cute-sy for my taste, the entire pocket may end up taken off. For purposes of the challenge, it was a nice touch though. Do you really use pockets when you are cooking, anyway??


Credit: Apron pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s book, Seams to Me and apple applique from Amy Karol’s book Bend-The-Rules Sewing.


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2 thoughts on “Just in time for Thanksgiving…


    OMG, it’s sooo cute! and I love the apple! if the pocket comes off, can I claim it? Seriously, though, try using it with the pocket for a while. I’m always jamming stuff in my apron pockets. Love ’em. :)

  2. Peppermint Pinwheels says:

    I agree – I love my apron pockets! Do you think you could show us how to do the covered buttons at the next meeting? I’d love to see how it’s done!

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