East Bay Modern Quilt Guild January Meeting Notes

Happy New Year!  The first meeting of 2011 started off with a bang with some new faces and some old friends.  There were 14 people in attendance at New Pieces in Berkeley and although I won’t name names, you can see many of their faces in the photos on Flickr.  For show and tell, many brought in pieces that were failures in one way or another.  We also brought in fabric that we no longer wanted for a fabric swap.  There were some gems in there, and I’m sure a few people went home happy!  It was a great way to start the year and my favorite inside joke of the evening is about “where fairies go to die.”

We discussed growth of the guild and the direction we would like to go towards.  For now, we’re sticking with our informal style and bypassing the standard guild hierarchy of presidents and secretaries and dues.  Everyone seems to agree that their favorite part of the meetings is show and tell, so we’ll continue to make that the focus.  Some people were interested in coming up with group challenges (any fabric distributors interested in getting involved with this?  Huh, Robert Kaufman solids?  You can contact us any time – eastbaymodern@gmail.com!), and also with working on quilts for charity.  Other suggestions were to have a guild sewing day and also to have short technique or product demos.

Here are a few of the other things that were talked about at the meeting and a few things that I forgot to mention:

  • There is now a Google map of  San Francisco Bay Area fabric stores on the blog.  Check it out, and if I left any off, leave a comment and I’ll add it.  I suggest you print it out and go on a Super-Bowl Sunday shop hop!
  • We now have an e-mail list.  Click on the “join e-mail list” button on the right of the screen to sign up.  This list will only be used to send you information regarding EBMQ and will not be given out.
  • We will be syndicating member blogs to the Facebook page.  You must first sign up with Networked Blogs.  You must have attended at least two meetings to qualify.  Get yourself set up (http://www.facebook.com/networkedblogs) and then e-mail me (eastbaymodern@gmail.com) that you’re ready to go. Let me know if you need any help with this!
  • The EBMQ blog loves to have guest bloggers.  Let us know if you’re interested.  Thanks to Kristen who’s already taken the plunge!
  • If you’re on Flickr, feel free to add your quilting and sewing related project photos to the EBMQ Flickr Group.
  • The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles is compiling an exhibit of scrap quilts.  Have any that might be of interest to them? Examples can be submitted  by email as a Jpeg. Please send an overall and a detail as well as any information on the history or artist.  Put Scrap Art in subject of email.
    Send to Deborah Corsini, Curator, at deborah@sjquiltmuseum.org or Joyce
    Hulbert, Collections, at joyce@sjquiltmuseum.org
  • For those who weren’t aware, there is another modern quilt guild in the Bay Area.  It’s called Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild and they meet in Redwood City.
  • A couple of other things that were mentioned at the meeting: galaxy quilts by Jimmy McBride, Charley Harper coloring books, Purl Soho, guild discount cards at JoAnns.

Anything I forgot to mention?  Leave a comment!


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